Enervive Muscle Conditioner Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Enervive Muscle Conditioner is a product of Slendertone. The personal fitness machine includes a battery operated pack with leads attached. The leads are placed on muscles to stimulate muscle contractions that mimic exercise. The battery pack can be held on the belt with an attached belt clip. The unit has massage settings in addition to stimulation settings.

Enervive Muscle Conditioner sells for $129.95. Replacement pads sell for $32.95.

List of Ingredients

Battery Pack, Gel Electrical Stimulation Pads.

Product Features

Enervive Muscle Conditioner claims to condition muscles and boost energy after a long workout or a long day at work. The gel pads adhere to the skin and gentle electrical impulses activate muscles. The unit is battery-powered and portable. Several settings are included to massage muscles. There are also athlete and power settings. With 99 intensity levels, there is likely a perfect setting for every user.

Will the Enervive Muscle Conditioner increase muscle tone and decrease body fat? That is not a likely effect of using the personal fitness machine. The product has been featured on HSN shopping network. Buyers reviewing the product are not convinced the representation on the show is true to life. The pads have a stinging effect on the skin. Many users sent the unit back after just one try. Other complaints associated with Enervive Muscle Conditioner include pads that don’t stick to the skin, difficult instructions and difficulty applying pads to the skin.

Along with the potential problems associated with the unit, several warnings are posted on the product description. If the user has a pacemaker, they cannot use the unit as it will interfere with electrical output. The Enervive Muscle Conditioner may interfere with microwaves.

Included with the Enervive Muscle Conditioner is an 18-page booklet. Consumers complain the learning curve for the unit is quite high and the instructions are difficult to read and follow.

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  • A complete description for the Enervive Muscle Conditioner is published online.
  • The unit may have massaging benefits.
  • Some users claim relief from pain.


  • Consumer complaints are just as abundant as positive testimonials.
  • Many consumers send the unit back.
  • The pads lose adhesion.
  • Stings the skin.
  • Will not increase muscle tone.


Weight loss requires exercise and a healthy diet. The Enervive Muscle Conditioner may help massage muscles, but it will not increase weight loss or muscle tone. The long list of complaints from previous users is an issue for future potential buyers. Testimonials drive product sales. If the consumer feels the unit is going to be a waste of money, especially at more than $129 with shipping and handling, they will likely not purchase the product. With the cost of replacement pads, the dieter may wish to invest in a weekly massage in place of this product.

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