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EnerXan is an energy supplement that claims to naturally boost the metabolism with its specific blend of green tea, guarana, cinnamon, chromium, and cocoa extracts. Touting itself as an all natural product with few side effects, caffeine is a main component of this brand, along with the antioxidants present in many of its ingredients. EnerXan also does not contain any preservatives or allergy-prone ingredients, such as milk or soy.

EnerXan depends heavily on its all natural ingredients as a means of boosting the metabolism, claiming to promote a thermogenic effect in the body. Said to be safer than drinking copious amounts of caffeine, most of the ingredients contain significant stimulants and helpful antioxidants, and its pure blend is said to prevent no issues for people with allergy concerns or those suffering from diabetes. The formula is sugar free also, making this an instant hit with diabetics.

Although you may not find EnerXan in your local drug store, EnerXan is sold online for $13.50 per 120ct bottle. It does not claim to help dieters lose that additional weight, but it does claim to boost energy levels and keep metabolism high when dieters need it most. EnerXan may contain some ingredients which promote this effect, but this is not necessarily a good thing.


EnerXan says its formula contains hints of Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Guarana Extract, Damiana, Cinnamon Extract, Chromium, Cocoa, and L-Tyrosine.

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EnerXan remains confident that their formula will safely boost metabolic and energy levels with its potent blend of caffeine enriched and antioxidant-rich ingredients, which include Green Tea, Guarana Extract, and Cocoa. There is some evidence Green Tea may boost the metabolism due to specific chemicals that naturally occur when brewed. Daily consumption, two cups or more, is shown to increase the metabolism, but only by a slight amount. Green Tea also contains caffeine, along with Guarana Extract. Both ingredients contain moderate amounts of caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system, simulating energy. Caffeine is not a completely safe chemical, however, and can cause dehydration due to its diuretic effect. Its stimulant effect may also increase some adverse side effects linked to heart problems, so those suffering from these conditions may need to take caution if considering this product.

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  • Green Tea Extract is documented to have a metabolic boosting effect in the body.
  • Is a very affordable product.
  • The product is all natural.


  • Contains too many ingredients which contain caffeine.
  • May cause a diuretic effect if usen regularly, which may lead to dehydration.
  • May not be safe for those with pre-existing heart conditions.


EnerXan utilizes many ingredients which provide a stimulating effect on energy levels, but this also has drawbacks. It may promote several adverse side effects, such as dehydration and headache. It also lacks some key benefits found in other diet supplement, including appetite suppression, and may not be ideal for some dieters. This is an all natural product free of many ingredients that many cause allergies, however, and may be suitable for people suffering from allergies or diabetes.

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