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Enerzin Complete Detox is one in a long line of products jumping onto the colon cleansing bandwagon. As of late, colon cleansing has become synonymous with weight loss, but few products offer support for their claims of increased energy and weight loss. Enerzin is no different and may even be less effective than other detox supplements based on the ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

  • Psyllium Husks, Rhubarb Root and Buckthorn Leaf.

Product Features

None of the ingredients in the Enerzin Complete Detox are commonly used to detox the body. The Psyllium Husks are commonly used in colon cleansing formulas and detox supplements to help move waste and toxins out of the body, but offers no detox support of its own. Rhubarb Root and Buckthorn Leaf, also known as Cascara Sagrada, are both natural laxatives. While this product may cause the user to lose water weight through increased bowel movements, dependency and dehydration could be an unhealthy side effect.

The lack of an official website is a bit questionable. The only information to be found is located on third party websites trying to sell the product. The lack of detoxifying ingredients means the Enerzin Complete Detox is not truly a detox formula, but rather a laxative. Laxatives are to be used as needed and not as part of an ongoing attempt to lose weight. Weight loss products often increase metabolism and fat burning and detox formulas remove toxins from the body – Enerzin Complete Detox is not a good choice for either.

Enerzin Complete Detox can be found online for as little as $12.00. At this time, no product could be found online to order though a new Enerzin Detox supplement was easily found.

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  • Ingredients are easy to find online.
  • Psyllium husks may decrease hunger and stave off cravings.
  • Enerzin Complete Detox is priced lower than comparable detox supplements.
  • Enerzin Complete Detox can be ordered online through third party websites.


  • Detox supplements often include more than just laxatives and fiber.
  • Weight loss will probably not be a benefit of taking this product.
  • An official website could not be found online.


Using a colon cleanser or detox supplement as part of a weight loss plan is becoming more common. With this new trend comes the occasional company that wants to get in on the money action and market a product as something it is not. Enerzin Complete Detox contains no detoxifying ingredients. Natural laxatives make up the entire formula which will increase bowel movements and may fool some users into believing the body is being detoxified but the result would be the same with other over the counter laxatives. Weight loss supplements should include proven ingredients that work as the company claims they will.

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