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Parillo Advanced GH Formula is supposed to increase growth hormone levels to improve muscle mass and decrease body fat. Growth hormone may have this effect on the body, but natural growth hormone boosters are few and far between. Most supplements include a list of ingredients that make GH hormone boosting claims but do not back up those claims with proof. We found no free trial information on the Parillo website nor did we find information on a money-back guarantee. Testimonials supporting fat loss and increased muscle are not included on the website. Consumers can buy the product directly from Parillo for $38.

List of Ingredients

Arginine Pyroglutamate 400 mg and Lysine Monohydrochloride 400 mg.

Product Features

When researching the ingredients in Parillo Advanced GH Formula, we stumbled upon another product with the same ingredients in a much higher dose. This product included 1500 mg of Arginine Pyroglutamate and 750 mg of Lysine Monohydrochloride for $11. This means the Parillo supplement is far overpriced and could contain too little of the ingredients to have the claimed effect.

Arginine is commonly used by bodybuilders to promote muscle growth. You will find this ingredient in nearly every muscle gainer sold today. The amino acid is linked to growth hormones in the body, so Parillo is on the right track by included Arginine, but the amount may be in question. We found that a typical dose of Arginine for muscle gains is between 1000 and 3000 mg. This supplement includes only 400 mg, far too little.

Lysine is an amino acid, as well. We could not find any information linking Lysine to muscle growth, however. We did find mention that it could have diuretic effects. As an amino acid, it will have some effect in the body when paired with protein, but how that effect specifically related to muscle growth is vague.

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  • Ingredient list on the official website.
  • Direct ordering from the manufacturer.


  • Overpriced at three times comparable supplements.
  • Dieters will not see weight loss benefits.
  • No free trial offered.
  • Too little of the active ingredients.
  • Not proven to increase muscle mass.


When it comes to building more muscle, there are many supplements to choose from. Most will include Arginine, a proven ingredient and some will include lysine. There is little reason to purchase this overpriced supplement when comparable products from trusted bodybuilding companies cost 1/3 the price.

If a dieter is looking to boost muscle gains and reduce fat, proven ingredients are available. Green tea, caffeine, chromium and creatine are all commonly used for this purpose. Creatine is not needed for weight loss, however, and could be associated with water retention in some cases.

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