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Enhanced Goji Berry is a product offered by Extreme Health USA. The official website includes information on the Goji Berry as well as several products to choose from. Organic products are also available. Products purchased from Extreme Health USA are covered by a six month money back guarantee. As long as the product is returned within six months, no questions are asked about why the consumer wants a refund. Refunds will be less shipping and handling costs. Extreme Health USA currently offers a long list of Goji Berry products to meet the needs of different customers.

List of Ingredients

Goji Berry.

Product Features

Enhanced Goji Berry is a product that claims to curb appetite, increase energy and thus increase weight loss. Anti-oxidants have been proven to fight off free radical damage in the body, but no links to these research studies are listed on the Enhanced Goji Berry website. What is listed is a comparison between the ORAC units in Goji Berry versus other foods. Higher ORAC levels are associated with a stronger anti-oxidant effect. Compared to Prunes which have an ORAC level of 5,700 – Enhanced Goji Berry claims to have nearly 5 times the ORAC benefits at a level of 25,700.

Enhanced Goji Berry is available at varying prices based on the product ordered. Organic berries can be purchased for $12.95 per five ounce bag and $29.50 per 16 ounce bag. Covered Goji Berries in dark chocolate, pomegranate yogurt, milk chocolate and cappuccino flavors are also available for $13.95 per six ounce bag. Flavored Goji Berry products will have increased calorie counts which may deter weight loss.

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  • An official website is available for Enhanced Goji Berry.
  • Organic versions are available online.
  • Direct ordering of Enhanced Goji Berry is available through the website.
  • Customers are offered a variety of products.
  • ORAC levels for Enhanced Goji Berry are listed.


  • Enhanced Goji Berry is more expensive than other anti-oxidants.
  • Goji will not increase metabolism.
  • Not all dieters will see benefits from Enhanced Goji Berry.
  • Flavored Goji Berry products will have high calorie counts.
  • There are no links to research proving the health benefits of Goji Berry.


While Enhanced Goji Berry may provide a healthy anti-oxidant benefit, the effect on overall weight loss will be minimal. For some people, increasing anti-oxidants in the body can increase energy levels as the body fights off free radical damage and repairs cells. This effect could benefit some people trying to lose weight but increased metabolism and fat burn will not be an end result. Proven fat burners are available with ingredients to increase metabolism and weight loss. Many fat burners can be taken in conjunction with Goji Berry products safely and effectively.

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