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According to statements on the internet, Eniva is a revolutionary new health drink that has taken the nutritional world by storm. It is apparently an “all in one” body and health supplement that tastes great, is convenient in nature, and has a wealth of health benefits. These claims seem to be backed up by some pretty awe-inspiring client testimonials. The theory seems to be correct – increasing water intake for faster and easier weight loss.

The product itself comes in a range of different bottle and box sizes and can be bought fairly cheaply when compared to other health supplements of the same nature.

List of Ingredients

On further investigation of this product, the exact list of ingredients was not clearly stated on any of the websites that we viewed.

Product Features

Although backed with some great client testimonials, this product can’t be certified as a reliable weight loss product as the testimonials cannot be really guaranteed. The theory behind the weight loss claims seems to be fair enough – the more water taken in by the body, the faster and easier weight loss is to achieve. However, without full and precise list of the ingredients used in the product, it can’t be proved or disproved. Furtherm the product hasn’t been scientifically proven by clinical studies. We would have liked to know if the Eniva drinks contained fat burners, anti-oxidants, or thermogenics but we aren’t sure exactly what is in them.

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  • Eniva drinks will increase your daily fluid intake which can be beneficial for your overall health and might help you lose weight.
  • The Eniva drinks claim to contain numerous vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


  • We can’t seem to find a comprehensive list of ingredients for any of the Eniva products.
  • Expensive. A 32 ounce bottle of Eiva Vibe retails for around $60.00.
  • Eniva products are probably more of an anti-oxidant drink than an actual weight loss product.


The Eniva drinks will no doubt contribute to your overall health because we are pretty sure they are full of beneficial ingredients but it’s difficult to determine exactly what these ingredients are. Websites hint that the ingredients are all natural and derived from many different fruits and vegetables. While the Eniva drinks may help improve the health of your body, we don’t think these products are true weight loss products. So, if you are really trying to lose weight; you might want to keep looking. These products may work well in addition to a proven weight loss supplement.

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