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The Enjoying Weight Loss Program is a method available to help you maintain your diet habits. Especially for those people who claim they haven’t the will power to stick it out. The Enjoying Weight Loss Program is a form of medical hypnosis available on CD made available by Dr. Roberta Temes, editor of the first textbook about hypnosis used in medical schools. This program is distributed by The Hypnosis Network based in Fort Worth, Texas. The physical mailing address, email contact form and phone number are all available through the website, along with testimonials and a frequently asked questions page.


The Enjoying Weight Loss Program consists of four CD’s that take you through seven 20 minute sessions. You only listen to one session a day, so the time commitment is attainable and many people listen to the same session everyday for a week to really let the information sink in.

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The Enjoying Weight Loss Program states that the secret to battling weight is eight fold. First, you must eat fewer high fat or high sugar foods. Next, you must reduce your over all caloric intake. Third, you must drink plenty of water as opposed to sugary soft drinks. Fourth, be sure to exercise regularly whether that means daily walks or a weight lifting regimen is entirely up to you. Fifth, you must vigilantly monitor your progress. Sixth, you must consume more leafy green vegetables. The closer to fresh , the higher the benefit. Next, you must plan your meals and lastly, be sure to appreciate yourself and the progress you have made. This four CD set helps you make these things second nature, and not an effort to achieve.

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  • The Enjoying Weight Loss Program has been proven effective.
  • There are multiple studies outlined on the website to verify the efficiency of the program.
  • There are many testimonials supporting the effectiveness of this product.


  • Hypnosis is only newly accepted by the medical profession.
  • Hypnosis has never been proven before to exist, much less to perform as advertised.
  • This product does not come cheap.
  • It is more than one hundred dollars, and that is a lot to spend on unproven methodology.


In the end you must consider the following: Charles Darwin was the first to write about evolution, but his findings are still being questioned and argued today. I am sure Dr. Temes is good at what she does and knows how to do it quite well but, that alone doesn’t convince me that this method can be successful. I cannot justify paying so much for a program that may contain little more than the same statements I have used myself for years on end and to no avail.

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