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enLIGHTened: How I Lost 40 Pounds with a Yoga Mat, Fresh Pineapples, and a Beagle Pointer is a book written by Jessica Berger Gross, a woman who is passionate about those three things. The book details how she struggled with her body image, and shows how she lost weight. Though she first heard about yoga at age 14, she did not start practicing until she was older. When she turned 30, she lost 40 pounds, thanks to yoga, healthy eating, and the yoga mindset.

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Ths book is not a weight loss program or a diet. It instead tells the author’s story about how she struggled with weight loss, and how she was able to combat those issues to lose the weight anyway. Sharing her story in the book gives readers the ability to relate, and to see how they can go about trying to lose the weight on their own, too. In the book, Gross gives insight, advice,m and even some recipes to help along the way. Gross says to always make suer you eat breakfast because in not doing so you are increasing the chance you will crave unhealthy foods, and overeat once you do eat. Not only this, but you’re not fueling your body and will decrease your metabolism. Gross says to keep plenty of fresh fruit in hand so you can have a healthy snack whenever you feel tempted. Full of water and nutrients, it will fill you up without loading you down. If you feel sleepy after you eat, you ate too much because you should feel like you have energy. You should follow the principles of yoga: honesty, discipline, moderation, non-violence, and introspection. She says beyond doing yoga every day, you should also do some other form of activity like jogging or dancing.

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  • This book promotes eating more fresh organic produce.
  • This book addresses stress management for weight loss.
  • This book has vegetarian recipes.


  • This book is not really a diet or weight loss plan.
  • This program may not work well for anyone who has health issues or has emotional eating issues.
  • Gross promotes vegetarianism, yet promotes eating fish.


This is a personal account of weight loss through a balanced diet and yoga. Though there is an advice and some recipes, this is not a weight loss plan or a diet, and it is not from a doctor or nutritionist. This book can help you create your own healthy lifestyle, but is not ideal for those who want a structured plan. We recommend following a balanced diet, exercising on a regular basis, and taking a proven weight loss supplement as directed.

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