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The Enlita Natural Weight Loss Plan is a comprehensive online weight loss program. It includes diet plans, natural supplements, fat burning workout videos, a support forum, and online physician support. The Enlita Natural Weight Loss Plan was created by a team of physicians and weight loss experts including Dr. Kendra Pearsall, a naturapathic and author of four books on natural health. The company website offers an email form, and a phone number for contact and support purposes.


This program looks at “X- factors” such as emotional eating, food allergen elimination, motivation and purpose for weight loss and finding the diet that is right for you or your body type, lifestyle and metabolism.

Product Features

This program looks at things like genetics, alcohol intake, sleep habits, medications, social pressure, and insulin sensitivity to help you find out why you gain weight and how to lose it. This program is effective and supportive aiding in fast and long term weight reduction and management. With the plan you receive online support and the support of a caring community. Experts give public advice in an open forum and even offer one on one weight coaching. This valuable, naturalistic program is personalized for each member and is intended to help the individual create both a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Diet advice, diet reviews, a list of the top natural supplements and convenient online shopping are all part of the Enlita Natural Weight Loss Plan.

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  • The plan includes a 180 page home study program, to be completed in four weeks.
  • It also includes a daily journal.
  • The Enlita online forum offers a support network.
  • The plan offers a 64 page eCookbook that contains meal plans, menus, recipes and more.
  • There is a 28 day free trial available.


  • There is no straightforward price available on the website.
  • You have to fill out a “free” questionnaire and register before you ever get a pricing plan.
  • You may automatically enroll yourself in automated payments by finishing this process.
  • Most of the articles you will find here, you will find elsewhere for free.


It is a shady practice, in my humble opinion, to offer a product for sale without a price tag. The fact that you can search and read around and never find a set price bothers me to no end. I also have a problem with paying one person for something another offers for free. I would save my money and build a real life support team of family and friends.

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2 User Reviews about Enlita

  • 1

    enlita is a scam. i completely agree w/ the review why not show a price tag? there are quite a few other websites that offer info free thinkhcgdiet.com or pounds-and-inches.com



    It does say this on the “about the program” page:

    “for a limited time we are offering this priceless information for the same price as Weight Watchers (as little as $5/week or seventy cents a day).”

    So it’s easy to do the math it’s about 20 bucks a month.