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Enlyten first started as a supplement deliver system which used dissolvable strips one could place in their mouth. It has now expanded to include a diet program, named TrimWorks. The TrimWorks diet program includes shakes, appetite suppressant strips, calorie burner strips, and quick cleanse capsules. There are various package sizes for consumers to choose from.


All of the Enlyten products are sold either directly from the company or through consumer to consumer marketing. This has led to a great deal of interest in whether the company sales opportunities are a scam and has left little room for discussion on the products themselves. For our purposes we will discuss the plausibility of the diet plan rather than the legitimacy of the business plan.


List of Ingredients


Enlyten’s TrimWorks diet program has several ingestible components, all of which have different ingredients listed.


Product Features


The Enlyten TrimWorks Program has three packages with varying amounts of products ranging in price from $255.00 to $510.00. All packages include shakes, capsules, and a variety of strips. Dieters can customize the flavors of the shakes by choosing chocolate silk, mocha java, or vanilla cream. According to the program, the appetite suppressant strips should be used twenty minutes before meals to reduce caloric intake. The calorie burner strips are supposed to increase the rate in which the body burns calories. One of the main ingredients is bitter orange extract which is similar to ephedrine, but not as regulated. The quick cleanse capsules are designed to prepare the body for weight loss.


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  • The products are easily purchased online.
  • The products may be purchased separately, outside of the proportioned packages.
  • The diet aids are easy to use.




  • Bitter orange extract acts much like ephedrine.
  • This program does not offer nutritional advice.
  • This program does not offer exercise advice.
  • There is no mention of a money back guarantee on the official website.




With so many weight loss products on the market it can be difficult to tell which ones will work and which ones are scams. Indications of good products include a long history, good customer reviews, and a money back guarantee. This company is quite new and has few independent reviews from people who are not also selling the product and offers no money back guarantee. Also, without nutritional or exercise advice it is unlikely the products alone would be sufficient to reduce weight dramatically. Finally, one of the primary ingredients, bitter orange extract, is listed on the website as being practically banned for its similarity to ephedrine. As ephedrine has numerous negative side effects, we do not view this as a positive feature.

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