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What You Need To Know

Enuvia is an internal cleanser for those who wish to be sure they are healthy from the inside out. Enuvia is a 3 part system that targets build up in the kidneys, liver and colon. It is distributed by Enuvia Research, LLC of Clearwater, Florida. The website is www.enuvia.com and provides a physical mailing address, an email address and a toll free number for questions, comments and customer support and service.


The first stage (colon cleanse) contains and makes use of psyllium husk, oat flour, bentonite, senna extract, cascara sagrada, aloe vera, goldenseal, acidophilus, rhubarb root, gentian root, and buckhorn bark as active ingredients. Other inactive ingredients include dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate. The second stage of the system (kidney) includes parsley leaf, sage leaf, dandelion root, cranberry, soy protein, goldenseal, and cayenne pepper along with dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium as minor ingredients. The third step of this system (liver) includes DL- Methionine, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, Beet root, goldenseal, dandelion root, milk thistle and alfalfa as active ingredients along with dicalcium phosphates, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium as binding agents and fillers.

Product Features

Psyllium husk promotes proper bowel movements, bentonite draws in impurities and senna extract stimulates the lining of the large intestines. Cascara Sagrada encourages peristalsis and acidophilus replenishes necessary bacteria and can help eliminate bad breath and gas. Rhubarb root is a laxative aid and can improve bowel tone and overall digestive tract health, while goldenseal root promotes healthy glandular function. Parsley is the foremost diuretic when urination causes pain, cranberry is a natural way to promote urinary tract health, and dandelion root works as a filter for toxins. Soy proteins support kidney function. DL methionine is an essential amino acid, Choline bitartrate is required for healthy cell membranes, Milk thistle is a potent liver protector and alfalfa has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Enuvia claims that its system can help the three major organs rid themselves of toxic chemical buildup. It is purported to do this without side effects, fasting or inconvenient bowel movements. It boasts the ability to provide more energy and increase metabolism. Step One (days 1-30) includes cleansing the colon to remove impactions and impermeable wastes and to increase the body’s ability to absorb glucose. Step Two (days 31-60) is a liver cleanse to assist the liver in metabolizing fats, breaking down fatty acids and filtering out toxins. Step Three (days 61- 90) discourages the cryatellation that can create kidney stones.

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  • Detoxification is a healthy way to help your body help itself and improve function.
  • Detoxing all three major organs is more effective than helping one body system and leaving the others potentially endangered.


  • A full 90 day cleansing cycle is $50.
  • Enuvia offers no real evidence of weight loss.


While Enuvia can be a useful tool for detoxification of major body systems, it doesn’t offer a fat burner or stimulant that may promote any distinguishable weight loss.

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    Lynn Kleis

    I was receiving your product on a 6 month rotation. I was suppose to receive it in October of 2009. I did not receive it and have not been notified why. Please respond.