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Enviga, a product of the Nestle and Coca-Cola companies, claims to be an energy drink that can help you burn calories faster. Of course, the implication is that if you can burn calories faster, you can lose weight more effectively, although the Enviga website is careful not to market itself as a full-fledged diet supplement. The product website claims that this green tea drink has enough thermogenic properties to offer negative calories – not just “0″ calories – as many diet drinks suggest, but a combination of a low calorie product that boosts calorie burning for a negative calorie intake.

The companies offering the Enviga drink recommend drinking three cans each day in combination with a healthy diet and daily exercise program. Considering that one can of Enviga contains as much caffeine as three diet sodas, we are concerned about users putting that much caffeine into their bodies every day. In fact, some doctors have stated that this level of caffeine can cause users to become jittery, increase heart rate, and create anxiety. It is also possible that the increased metabolism will cause some dieters to eat more, negating the “positive” effects the drink promises.

List of Ingredients

From what we were able to gather on the product website, Enviga ingredients include green tea concentrate and additional caffeine (equivalent to one cup of coffee). The green tea in the energy drink is a source of one of the most potent antioxidants, ECGC. The product also claims to contain 20% of the daily recommendation of calcium. While this formula may indeed provide some thermogenic properties the lack of an appetite suppressant and the increased amount of caffeine are both points of concern.

Product Features

At the time of this review, a can of Enviga sells for approximately $1.40. If you multiply this by three for your daily dosage and then multiply that amount by 30 for a monthly intake, you will find that Enviga will be one of the more expensive types of weight loss supplements on the market today. Considering the limited amount of ingredients in the formula and the potential side effects from the high caffeine levels, we aren’t convinced that Enviga would give you the greatest bang for your weight loss buck.

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  • Green tea is a beneficial thermogenic.
  • The product is readily available for purchase.


  • There is no proven appetite suppressant in the formula.
  • The high levels of caffeine may cause some unpleasant side effects.
  • The product would be very expensive if used as recommended.


While we like seeing green tea extracts in some diet supplements as an effective thermogenic we prefer to see products combine a proven fat burner with an equally effective appetite suppressant for best results. With a high price tag and the potential for unpleasant side effects, we believe there are more effective weight loss supplements available.

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12 User Reviews about Enviga

  • 1

    o how i miss my enviga i can not find anything like it i loved the taste nothing even comes close to it this really sucks


  • 2

    ok i love enviga and they just discontinued them why??!!!!!


  • 3
    Robert Brown

    I live in Waynesboro, Va. and cannot find in any store, the kroger in Staunton did carry it but letb it drop, the next closest is Charlottesville, and yesterday kroger did not have it, Thanks


  • 4

    where can i purchase enviga the calorie drink from, what stores carry this?


  • 5

    I LOVE Enviga. I used to drink other energy drinks and this is the best out there for you. I do not use it as a diet supplement. It is just good! And no… I don’t drink 3 a day! Target is where it’s at!


  • 6
    Connie Schultz

    I just like the taste of this product and am having a very hard time finding a place to purchase enviga. It has a better taste than any other Energy Drink I’ve had. I would not reccomend it for weight loss or having more than one per day. When you need a quick refreshing wake-up it’s the best.
    Does anyone know where I can purchase it on line?


  • 7
    nancy S

    Can this be purchased on line?


  • 8
    nancy S

    I love the product! 3 cans do not make me feel jittery! I can’t seem to find the regular green tea flavor. All I can ever find is Pom and Berry.


  • 9

    I LOVE IT.


  • 10
    cecilia Davis

    what stores carry enviga green tea



    kroger stores



    I found it at Target, the Kroger I went to did not carry it-each has a different assortment.