Enzymatic Simple Cleanse Review

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What You Should Know

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Enzymatic Simple Cleanse is a natural laxative aimed at increasing weight loss through internal cleanse. Cleansing has become a large part of the weight loss community in recent years and is often used as a preparation step before starting a new weight loss plan. Enzymatic Simple Cleanse is not listed as a weight loss product, however.

List of Ingredients

Magnesium Hydroxide, Marshmallow Root Extract, Slippery Elm Bark, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Fennel Seed, Ginger Rhizome Extract, Peppermint Leaf, Psyllium Husk, Oat Bran, Guar Gum Seed Extract and Pectin.

Product Features

The natural ingredients listed in the Enzymatic Simple Cleanse are all in the laxative and diuretic family. There are two supplements included in the box – Laxative Formula and Fiber Fusion. The laxative formula includes the ingredients that are supposed to cleanse toxins out of the body. Fiber Fusion aids in the elimination of toxins by softening stools with psyllium and oat bran.

Unfortunately for the Enzymatic Simple Cleanse manufacturers, online testimonials found on the Enzymatic Therapy website are not supportive of this cleanse. Some complain of excess gas which can be common with cleansing products created with lots of fiber. Other users simply did not understand how to complete the cleanse due to incomplete instructions within the box.

Under the technical data tab of the website, this product does not list any supportive research. This is uncommon for Enzymatic Therapy supplements. The lack of research supporting cleansing or the Enzymatic Simple Cleanse product could be a red flag for the consumer.

Enzymatic Simple Cleanse is priced $19.95 for a two week supply. Most colon cleanses are not supposed to be taken long term, but there is not information claiming this fact about the Enzymatic Simple Cleanse.

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  • Enzymatic Simple Cleanse is priced lower than comparable colon cleansing products.
  • A complete ingredient list was found online.
  • Testimonials are listed written by consumers.


  • Consumers are generally not happy with the cleansing result.
  • Users complain of gas, bloating and no change in bowel movements.
  • Research links are not listed supporting the Enzymatic Simple Cleanse.
  • Fiber containing supplements should only be taken with lots of water or constipation may result.
  • Users did not feel included literature explained how to complete the cleanse.


Enzymatic Therapy created Enzymatic Simple Cleanse to remove toxins from the body. Unlike other Enzymatic products, no research links are listed to support their claims. Combine this fact with a number of unhappy testimonials and customers may wish to shy away from the Enzymatic Simple Cleanse as part of their weight loss plan. If cleansing is imperative, it is important to choose a product with good customer reviews and back that product with a proven fat burning to keep losing weight.

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