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Eola is a weight loss supplement that comes in the form of a liquid. This dietary product was manufactured by New Concepts Com, LLC, however, is no longer on the market. Apparently, Eola was discontinued in 2003. Currently there is an alternative weight reduction supplement called Amp 1 and Thin 2. When Eola was on the market, it endeavored to assist users by boosting metabolic rates, burning away fat, suppressing appetite and increasing energy levels. Unfortunately the original Eola contained Ephedra and was banned. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials offered to support Eola. However, Eola is still available from numerous online vendors, so we will take a quick look at it.

The primary active components found in Eola supplements were Caffeine (stimulant that boosts energy levels) and Ephedra (stimulates the metabolism and curbs hunger). The original Eola drops were known as “thermogenic diet drops.” This basically means that they aimed to increase the heat within the user’s body and burn more fat. As for the new version of this supplement, Amp 1 and Thin 2, a different active ingredient is incorporated called CocoGen, which is derived comes from a cocoa plant. This weight loss formula sells via the official website for $55, but doesn’t appear to be offered with a 100 percent money-back/satisfaction guarantee. Unfortunately there are no free trial samples of Amp 1 and Thin 2 provided through the official website at this time. There doesn’t seem to be any particular diet plan or fitness regimen recommended on the website.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Eola is essentially a weight loss product that has been discontinued, due to its key ingredient Ephedra, which was proven to pose potentially dangerous health risks. This diet drug used to come in liquid form and was claimed to assist users by boosting metabolic rates, burning away fat, suppressing appetite and increasing energy levels. The two notable ingredients offered in Eola were Caffeine (stimulant that boosts energy levels) and Ephedra (stimulates the metabolism and curbs hunger). While this diet supplement is no longer available, it has been replaced by a different liquid product known as Amp 1 and Thin 2 ($55). There doesn’t appear to be any real clinical data presented on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of this product.

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  • Eola was sold in a convenient liquid form.
  • Eola was geared toward both women and men trying to lose weight.
  • Eola aimed to boost energy levels, increase the metabolism, suppress hunger and burn fat.


  • Eola has been discontinued by the federal government.
  • Eola contained Ephedra.
  • There are no customer testimonials offered for Eola diet supplements.
  • Eola may have contained ingredients that were not suitable for some individuals.
  • A full ingredient list for Eola drops was not offered.
  • The replacement supplement, Amp 1 and Thin 2, does not appear to be offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • There are no free trial samples offered through the official website.


When all is said and done, Eola is not likely a diet supplement that would do well, even if it were still available on the market. The fact that this product contained Ephedra will certainly act as a red flag for many educated individuals. Even in regards to the replacement liquid supplement, Amp 1 and Thin 2, it would be nice to see some actual clinical research posted on the official website, along with a money-back guarantee, some customer testimonials and a few free trial samples of the product itself.

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  • 1

    I used Eola about 12 years ago. I lost 25 lbs. I am heartbroken that it is discontinued. It seems like when something works they figure it’s bad for you. It’s the only diet supplement I have ever taken that works. I really wish they could start making it again. It’s better than all those energy shots that is still being produced and sold.


  • 2

    Im happy to see that the amp and thin products worked for some of you but i am over joyed that it has been removed from the market. I used the wola products when they first came out. I didnt lose a lb. I did, however, get a heart condition from the products called cardio palpitation disorder. I constantly felt like i was having a heart attack. I coukd do nothing about this with the company since the products had zero FDA regulations on it. Its a horribke product. I hope it never comes back on market!


  • 3

    You say there are no reviews about Eola…there were many when the product was available. It wasn’t just amps and thins…there were more product available. It did work as I lost 126 pounds in 8 months. It was a miracle product in some of our eyes. My whole family lost and so did my friends. It was and is a crime that the government decided to remove a great product but isn’t that how it goes. They would rather make money off of our illness from being overweight.


  • 4

    Bring the product back!


  • 5

    I’ve tried to live before how do I order are they the old


    Nancy Smith

    I loved Eola it worked great! I had so much energy and helped me lose weight, it was the only product I found that worked all the other ones, its even better then Garcinal. I wished it was still being sold.



    You are 100% right it was the best and the greatest


  • 6

    I absolutely loved Eola drops. If they were still available I would not only be a customer but a distributor! there were amazing!!


  • 7
    Donna Rice

    I’ve been looking for this product for over 14yrs now and can’t find it….In need of finding this again…….Help me help me find this product again


  • 8
    renee price

    How can I find and purchase amp1 & thin2 drops now? Eola worked so well would like to try a SIMILAR product. Thank u.


  • 9
    Tina Zeigler

    I was on a search looking for eola product pro amp and liquid thin. I personally have a testimony to the effectiveness of these drops. I only took half the dose of pro amp drops in a little bit of water and I took the full dose of the liquid thin drops. I have asthma so normally exercise for me is painful and hard to breath. When I took these drops it was for six weeks. I did not become addicted to them. I had no trouble. I lost 1/2 pound a day. I was able to ride my mountain bike up to 10 miles a day. I also began walking around town. I did start out the first day with the full dose of pro amp. I had way too much energy and way to much sex drive. I had to back up to half. I have all good reviews on this product.


  • 10
    Teri Barnett

    I started using E’ola drops in 1998, and out come was a success. I don’t like the effects of any diet supplements which makes my heart rate increase and jittery feeling. With e’ola if I started off with 4 drops, and if I felt the jittery effects I would back down to 3 drops. I Lost weight and sizes in clothing in a matter of 3mo. I absolutely loved it, and now I’m searching for something that I can control.


  • 11

    Introduced to in 1995. Saw my ex-wife drop 35+ pounds in weeks. I reluctantly tried it . Was absolutely amazed at the way it made you feel. Energy to burn . Great attitude adj. Lost weight. Never increased my dosage in over 7 years. Was’nt really trying to, but sold to people who experienced the same awesome results. Would love to get the original back. More than worth the price! Six Stars!


  • 12

    I used Eola back in 2000-2001. I lost 110 lbs in under a year. It gave me so much energy and curbed my appetite to the point I had to remind myself that I needed to eat. Now after having had 3 babies, I wish this product was still available. I need the extra help that I can’t seem to get anywhere else. :(


  • 13
    Walter D Peterson

    I use Eola back in the 95 I lost from a 44 to 34 in Six month it is a great way to loose wieght and feel great I love being small . It gave me the energy to do thing i need to do ,I was at the time taking care of My father to whom was dieing of lung cancer and it is very
    good deal . I lost a person of 90 lds


  • 14

    Amazing stuff and what I wouldn’t do to get my chubby little hands on some


  • 15

    There will never be a product that will compare to the original E’Ola thermogenic product….period! It was the best product ever and it is a crime that it is no longer available to us who were using it appropriately.



    Yes I loved this product! I was able to lose weight after my first child and I did it slowly and safely. Any product, including presrciption drugs can be harmful if not taken correctly! I want Amp & Liqua thin back!


  • 16

    It was the best, I never had a bad reaction, and the dosage was adjustable depending on what a person needed, the co. also reccomended taking a break every so often. What’s next from the gov., telling me how much tp I may use?


  • 17
    Dianne Enslen

    I also tried the original E’ola Amp and Thin thermogenic weight loss products many years ago. They were wonderful! They were effective! They worked quickly and gave me enrgy and a sense of well-being that I have not been able to duplicate since. I would really like to know the original formula.


  • 18

    I took these drops as well and they worked like magic. I also used Shape-Rite products out of Sandy, Utah and they worked like magic – until these products were taken off the market..SMH Wish I could still get the. These were the only products that I’d taken in my lifetime that actually worked and as soon as I needed more they were unavailable.


  • 19

    what does the bottle look like?


  • 20

    I too, lost 100lbs. and did not stuggle doing it either. Once I lost the weight I was able to exercise and live again, after pregnancy. I VERY MUCH MISS EOLA before the government stopped allowing it to be manufactured. I wonder if there are any other countries that are allowing the marketing of this product? Anyone know???



    They sell Eola California



    Are you sure an could you send me the address


  • 21

    Does anyone recall the dosage of the eola drops? I miss them SO MUCH! NOTHING HAS HELPED ME SINCE :( going to try another supplement but want to compare this dosage to what eola was.


    Annie Conger

    Hello Liza, I was a consultant/distributor for years and I loved the company and the products. The Thin drops was 10 2 or 3 times a day and Amp was 5 drops 2 or 3 times a day. I had to start with 2 drops of Amp only 2 times a day but worked up to 5.



    Annie do you know of anything like E”OLA that helps you lose weight so easily?



    Hi Annie – Like Liza, I would LOVE to know of some type of replacement – even something remotely close would be fantastic – or even a way to procure the original formula (I’m sure that’s impossible – just a pipe dream but…) nothing worked like the drops – I lost nearly 40 lbs in about 5 months, I was eating healthily, walking at night and had energy and a positive attitude. Help Annie! :-)

  • 22

    I lost over 50lbs on original Eola amp/liquathin over 3 months and kept the weight off for almost 2yrs. I so miss the Eola original products Amp/Thin, and have not found anything to compare. I have now gained the weight back. Sad day when the product was discontinued.


    Kathy Morgan

    I agree with all of you. I lost 90 lbs with Eola and since it’s been off the market I’ve gained 60lbs back. I loved the Eola product and wish someone would bring it back. I would be the spokesmodel in a heartbeat. I too used it correctly and it gave me so much energy. I am a teacher and need as much energy as possible. If anyone has found success with any other product please let me know.



    I could not agree more with any of.. I lost 60lbs and kept it off for 3 years until I got pregnant with my first child and since then I have not found ANYTHING that helps me to lose the weight. I got down to a wonderful 121lbs and was happy active and looked GREAT.. I sure do miss E’OLA and wish that I could fine something comparible.


  • 23

    Eola was the only diet product that worked for me. I miss it too. I think what happens is people abuse it and don’t use it correctly. Which of course, causes problems. And then it is discontinued. I have used other things. But nothing works as well as this!


  • 24

    I loved Liquithin and Amp drops I lost over 50 lbs on them I weighed 115 lbs and looked and felt great! I would do anything if they would bring the original formula back. I tried replacements and it did nothing. I to have gained my weight back. there is nothing on the market that compares to how I felt and looked. If you used them properly there was absolutly no side effects….desperate to have them back!


  • 25

    The closest products to the old Eola non-ehpedra products of Liquagen and ThinII are found at nxgendietdrops.com

    This company was founded replicating the the two best non-ephedra products (by old executives of Eola). They’ve been around selling to former Eola customers since Eola closed. Good luck.



    I lost over 50 lbs on the Eola drops. I would just love it if someone could bring them back. I was at a healthy 115lbs. I had more energy and was so healthy. I looked and felt GREAT. After they left the market there is nothing that even compares I have since gained my weight back plus. I would do anything for the eola drops to come back with the original formula!!!


  • 26

    I believe that the health benefits from Eola that thousands can provide as testimonials far outweighed the supposed and unproven, maybe, possible, might be risks. FDA and their masters the proprietary pharmaceutical industry really killed this amazing natural product. I also believe that that unholy aliance is responsible for much suffering for their illegal intrusion into our lives.


  • 27
    Joni Harris

    I would like information on how to purchase Amp 1 Thin 2 products. Thank you.


  • 28

    E’ola was the best product I have found for weight loss. It is too bad certain people choose to abuse it and disregard the directions for use. I was a distributor of this product and always always told my clients to keep within if not below the recommended range. You did not have to take the maximum for the product to work.


  • 29
    Lynn C

    What did people claim that the product did to them? I took Liquithin and Amp II with great success. Some days I only took the Liquithin and it was still effective for me. The greatest thing I found was that I didn’t have cravings for sweets and carbs – not to mention the energy!! I miss E’Ola too!!


  • 30

    I lost over 60 pounds also, it didn’t taste good, but, it sure did the trick. I loved it too and nothing will compare to it. I did good till they changed the formula too. Too bad they can’t find anything comparable at a reasonable price,


  • 31
    Dizzy Deb

    E’ola was the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost 65 pounds and kept it off until they changed the formula. The original version actually gave me energy so that there was life after work!! I have tried so many other products but nothing made me feel as healthy and energetic as the original Liquithin and Amp II.


  • 32

    I miss E’Ola!! and agree that the wannabee products don’t even come close. I used the Amp & Thin drops after 3 of my children, and got great results each time. By my 4th E’Ola was no longer, and it was really hard to lose the weight. Trying to find a product that compares… there isn’t any! E’Ola gave you energy, dissolved the weight, gave you the desire – actual desire – to eat better and make good food choices, and above all it balanced something in the head to make you have a positive attitude about life. I was never more active than when I was taking the drops. However, it was after the FDA swooped in and made them change the formula using a ‘standardized Ephedra’ that I occasionally had heart palpitations. Until then, their ‘ephedra’ was just fine!!! Too bad someone can’t recreate the exact ingrediants but replace the ephedra… because everything else combined had a great synergystic effect. I have never ran into a soul that has had a bad thing to say about E’Ola!


  • 33

    I agree. It was the best product i have ever taken. I was healthy, thin and positive. I would give anything to have a product like that again. I have even tried to combine products to get the same effect but to no avail. i have gained all the weight and more back on. I used the product properly and it worked wonderfully!!! If anybody knows how to get anything like it please contact me.


  • 34
    Patti H.

    I lost 60 lbs. and my ex-husband lost 45 lbs.!! I MISS E’OLA!! The new stuff didn’t even come close to comparing. I think the government shut it down because it was a natural product that couldn’t be patented. The synthetic weight loss companies (drug companies, FDA) were losing money. Anyway, that’s my opinion.


  • 35

    What do you mean “There do not appear to be any customer testimonials offered to support Eola.”? I took Eola drops prior to the government interference – they were the BEST diet drops in the world. My wife and I both lost 30 pounds or more and became more fit than we ever were! It was a sad day when the government forced them to close. I tried the new drops since, but they were a joke – just wasted good money.



    I AGREE with you 100% Dan they ruined this company. There has never been or will be a better product than E’ola. I loved them.



    I was a firm believer in the prwoducts from eola. The amp drops and thins were the first product that worked for me and my husband. I lost 85 pounds and my husband also lost lots. You needed to use it properly, which some chose to ignore the proper use, and needed to drink lotas of water. I have put all my weight back on.
    what a shame to say no customer support for eola. They were distributors that lost alot when a few chosen people chose to blame a product not taken properly and go sue happy. SAD I miss them products. And the goverment thought it would get ephdra off the counter, there still there!!!!!!



    I agree eola was a great product until the government stepped in and changed….not the same. Would use again if it was the same


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