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EP2 is also commonly marketed under the name Extreme Physical Performance. This line is primarily derived of a series of body building supplements that claim to dramatically improve a user’s overall physique. EP2 appears to be distributed by EP2 Inc., who are partnered with the manufacturer INDUS Biotech. Extreme Physical Performance seems to be marketed heavily towards body builders, although they have recently made headlines by signing Kevin Federline to endorse their product line. If recent tabloid photos are to be believed, the former Mr. Spears has certainly put on a few pounds. Will Extreme Physical Performance be able to help him get back to his original weight?

EP-2 actually offers four different products for consumers to choose from. These products are: Andritest, a testosterone supplement, Anabeutrol, a “pharmaceutical grade” liquid capsule, Musclegrowth, a muscle-hypertrophic supplement, and MusclePump, a Nitric Oxide pump supplement. It appears that fully following the EP2 program involves using all products, but that users could also buy Extreme Performance products on an as-needed basis.

List of Ingredients

Could not find on the official EP2 website.

Product Features

Despite Kevin Federline’s endorsement, EP2 looks to us like a serious body building product line. We’re certainly curious to see how K-Fed’s VH1 reality show documenting his experience with Extreme Physical Performance ends. All of EP-2’s ingredients are “botanically sourced”, meaning that no prescriptions are necessary. However, competitive bodybuilders may still wish to consult a list of banned substances before beginning use of EP2 supplements.

The EP2 website does offer users a very involved forum to discuss their experiences with the product. In addition to the forum, video clip, a “physique of the weak” gallery, and MP3s are also made available. However, you’ll need to enter a lot of personal info before Extreme Physical Performance will grant you access.

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  • EP2 offers a very in-depth community forum.
  • Extreme Physical Performance products are available online and at GNC.
  • When ordering online, users receive a free t-tshirt as a gift.


  • All of EP2’s products appear to be intended more for competitive bodybuilders than for those looking to lose weight casually.
  • With four products for sale, it’s not clear which EP-2 product or product combo would be right for you.
  • No free trial of EP2 is available from the manufacturer.
  • We couldn’t find any ingredient info online.


While EP-2 (Extreme Physical Performance) may be ideal for gym fanatics and bodybuilders, the products that they currently offer don’t seem ideal for a typical dieter trying to lose 30 lbs. Kevin Federline will likely have a physical trainer planning his life 24/7 while he drops the weight, which is not the kind of luxury that most people can afford. With so many companies offering free trials of well-formulated weight loss supplements, consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to finding a way to lose the weight.

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