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What You Should Know

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EPH 100 is a supplement that clearly includes an ephedra extract that is not the same ephedra banned by the FDA. The maximum amount of ephedra included in most fat burners was 25 mg. Any more than that and the dieter is greatly increasing the risk of heart attack and death. The product description for EPH 100 claims this supplement contains 100 mg of ephedra.

Ephedra is legal for over the counter purchase, but not as part of a diet supplement. This supplement may not be protected by FDA laws because it may contain an extract of the plant that has no stimulant properties.

List of Ingredients


  • Ephedran X Blend
  • Caffeine
  • 1,3,7 Trimethyl Xanthine
  • 3,4, Hydroxy 5 Oxo Tetrahydrofuran 2 Yi 2 Hydroxy Acetaldehyde
  • Phenethan 2 Amine
  • 4 Pyrimidine 3 Carbonylamino Butanoic Acid
  • 4 1-hydroxy 2 Methyl
  • Amino Ethyl Phenol Octanoic Acid
  • 7 2 Hydroxy 3 2 Hydroxyethyl Methyl Amino Propyl 1,3 Dimethyl Purine 2,6 Dione Pyridine 3 Carboxylic Acid
  • 1,3 Dimethyl Amyl Amine

Product Features

The makers of EPH 100 string a long list of scientific names together to create a supplement that looks different and unique. There are two main ingredients in this formula that dieters truly need to worry about – caffeine and ephedra.

There are 300 mg of caffeine per dose in EPH 100. That amount of caffeine will cause negative side effects within minutes for the majority of dieters. The average cup of coffee contains about 75 mg of caffeine. That means just one dose of EPH 100 contains the same amount of caffeine as four cups of coffee taken at one time.

In addition to the huge caffeine content, this supplement claims to contain 100 mg of ephedra. If this formula contained 100 mg of real ephedra paired with 300 mg of caffeine, the list of potential side effects would include symptoms of a heart attack, chest pain and possible death.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • Contains 300 mg of caffeine.
  • Claims to contain 100 mg of ephedra.
  • Will cause negative side effects.


Dieters should steer clear of this supplement no matter what. The 300 mg of caffeine alone is enough to cause negative side effects and possible force the dieter to the hospital if they are sensitive to caffeine, let alone the 100 mg of ephedra.

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