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Despite the fact that ephedra is banned for use as a diet supplement in the United States, some supplement companies and online retailers continue to sell products that claim to contain ephedra. Eph 25 is one of those supplements. There are only two ingredients in EPH 25 and that is enough to give your heart a jump start akin to shock treatment.

Dieters need to read the ingredient label for any product they are trying to use for weight loss. Sometimes companies claim ingredients are safe and effective when they are associated with negative side effects and even death. EPH 25 is a supplement that could cause harmful side effects.

List of Ingredients


  • Ephedra
  • Caffeine

Product Features

There are only two ingredients in EPH 25: Ephedra and Caffeine. According to the product label, there is 25 mg of ephedra and 200 mg of caffeine. The supplement is designed to increase energy, but that’s not all this formula will do. Ephedra and caffeine are two of the three ingredients in an ECA stack. If the dieter were to take this supplement with a dose of aspirin, they would be consuming the same supplement taken by professional athletes who dropped dead on the field before ephedra was banned.

Not only is ephedra a strong, dangerous stimulant, but it is also addictive. After taking ephedra for a brief time, the boy does not react as it once did so the dieter feels they need to take more. More ephedra increases the risk of negative side effects and death.

Caffeine is proven to boost weight loss, but the quantity in EPH 25 is dangerous for some dieters. With 200 mg of caffeine, the average dieter will feel anxiety, jitters, shakes and nausea. Moreover, that caffeine is combined with a strong stimulant so the negative side effects could be even worse.

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  • Contains caffeine – proven to boost metabolism.
  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Will increase energy.


  • Includes dangerous ingredients in dangerous amounts.
  • May cause early death.
  • May cause a positive drug test for some sporting competitions.


Ephedra was banned for good reason. Though the supplement worked to help some people achieve remarkable weight loss, it caused negative side effects and long-term problems for others. There were multiple deaths reported associated with ephedra before the FDA stepped in and made the ingredient a regulated substance. Taking ephedra is not a safe alternative to green tea and caffeine found in most weight loss products.

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