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Ephburn 25 packs 200 mg of caffeine and 25 mg of ephedra into a strong fat burner. The formula includes a bit of white willow bark to complete the classic ECA stack that was so very popular before the FDA banned ephedra for use in diet supplements. According to Anabolic Entities, the creator of Ephburn 25, this supplement is superior to classic ECA supplements because it contains other ingredients to control hunger and boost metabolism. The other ingredients are mostly comprised of additional stimulants.

List of Ingredients


  • Ma Huang Extract – 25 mg Ephedra
  • Caffeine
  • Guarana
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • White Willow Bark
  • Chromium
  • Magnesium

Product Features

We often come across an ephedra supplement that claims to contain real ephedra. This supplement, however, actually lists ma huang on the label. There is an option to purchase this supplement on several websites, so if it does contain ma huang, the supplement is illegal.

Ma huang, caffeine and white willow bark are the base of this supplement. This is the ECA stack that took the world by storm several years ago. The ECA stack is proven to increase metabolism and fat burn.

In addition to the ECA stack, Ephburn 25 contains garcinia cambogia – associated with liver damage, guarana – a stimulant and magnesium – a natural laxative.

The only good ingredient in the formula is chromium. Chromium may help control carbohydrates cravings and hunger, which is a benefit many fat burners don’t address.

There is an extensive warning associated with Ephburn 25. According to the manufacturer, dieters are supposed to stop using the supplement if they experience negative side effects like dizziness or shortness of breath.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Contains caffeine and chromium – solid diet supplement ingredients.


  • Contains too much caffeine.
  • Contains multiple stimulants.
  • May contain real ephedra.
  • May be illegal for purchase in the United States.


Ephburn 25 claims to contain the classic ECA stack that caused deaths in athletes before it was banned by the FDA. Today, dieters can purchase ephedra, but they must do so through a pharmacy that tracks the sale of the supplement. This supplement is not sold through such a pharmacy and thus is not tracked. There is a good chance this supplement is illegal and should not be purchased for that reason, in addition to the potential health risks.

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