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Ephedrine P57 is no longer sold in the United States and other countries that have banned Ephedra. The combination Ephedra / Hoodia supplement has been touted as the most effective supplement for weight loss ever created. Recent studies on Hoodia reveal that Ephedra was the only effective ingredient in the duo. The P57 in Ephedrine P57 refers to Hoodia. P57 is the active ingredient in the appetite suppressant.

List of Ingredients

Ephedra and Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

Information dated early in the Hoodia boom claims the appetite suppressant was 10,000 times more effective than glucose at signally the brain to stop hunger. No clinical trials could be found to support this claim. We did find trials, however, that debunked any idea that Hoodia would decrease hunger at all.

Ephedra was initially banned in all doses, but a Utah judge overturned the ruling stating Ma Huang in doses less than 10 mg could be used. Ephedrine P57 contained less than 10 mg of Ma Huang, but the FDA stepped in and ruled ALL Ephedra was to be banned.

There is some indication that Ephedrine P57 was one of the Ephedra “good guys”. The supplement included low doses of Ephedra and claimed to pull only the most effective particles from the herb to ensure weight loss and fat burn. Despite the support for the supplement, it soon disappeared from the market along with other popular Ephedra based supplements.

Ephedra was linked to a variety of health issues including liver failure, heart attack, and stroke. The number of people suffering severe side effects from Ephedra was small when compared to prescription medications and other weight loss solutions. Some people believe it was Ephedra’s popularity in the illegal drug market that forced the ingredient into illegal status. According to the FDA, the ban had nothing to do with the two athletes whose deaths were linked to Ephedra or the illegal drug market. The FDA claimed its ruling was based on scientific studies including one that reported deaths, heart attacks, strokes, seizure and psychiatric episodes just 24 hours after taking Ephedra. That study was completed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. There is no pricing information available for Ephedrine P57.

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  • Proven weight loss.
  • Increased fat burn.


  • Risk of unhealthy side effects from Ephedra use.
  • Hoodia was later proven ineffective at curbing hunger.
  • No longer available for sale.
  • Little information available on the supplement.


Ephedrine P57 was available when Ephedra was popular. The supplement caused weight loss and fat burn as did all Ephedra based weight loss products. The increased risk of health issues connected to Ephedra use resulted in Ephedra and all related products being banned.

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