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Ephrine Plus is a weight loss supplement that claims to be a high performance formula to increase fat burning within the body. Ephrine Plus also increases energy levels and decreases appetite through hunger control. The product contains no Ephedrine but is highly effective with the three ingredients it utilizes to bring results to people who try it. The weight loss supplement claims to bring results to anyone who tries the product without the significant side effects created by the use Ephedrine.

The recommended dosage instructions for Ephrine Plus are to take 2 capsules with a full glass of water. The capsules should be taken 3 times a day – 2 capsules before each meal.

List Of Ingredients

200 mg Caffeine, 25 mg Green Tea and 20 mg Synephrine.

Product Features

Ephrine Plus utilizes caffeine as its fat burning ingredient. The product has 200 mgs which is pharmaceutical grade, however, Ephrine Plus is available without a prescription. Caffeine works by stimulating the nervous system to boost the body’s natural metabolism through increased adrenal function. Through this process the fat burning mechanisms work better and energy levels are increased. Green Tea is a long time natural ingredient to help people lose weight and improve their overall health. The Green Tea is also an ingredient in Ephrine Plus. Green Tea also works to increase metabolic functioning and increase energy levels. It is believed, Green Tea helps to speed the weight loss process.

Synephrine is also a key ingredient in Ephrine Plus. This extract is also called Bitter Orange and was used as a substitute for Ephedrine when it was removed from the market. Synephrine helps to reduce hunger and suppress the appetite in people who take the supplement.

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  • Available online but supplies are limited.
  • Pharmaceutical grade caffeine for increased potency.
  • Contains Green Tea which has been trusted for years to aid in weight loss and improve health.
  • Includes an appetite suppressant.
  • Available without a prescription.


  • As with other diet products pregnant and nursing women can not use Ephrine Plus.
  • People with histories of medical conditions and hospitalizations should use Ephrine Plus under the supervision of a medical doctor or other health care professional.
  • Available only through a few websites and is often out of stock, but the site will reorder if this does occur.


Ephrine Plus is designed to help dieters lose weight faster than dieting and exercise alone. This is the purpose behind the proprietary blend of three very effective weight loss ingredients: Caffeine, Green Tea and Synephrine. Ephrine Plus is economical and is very popular.

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