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What You Should Know

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EpiFire is a prohormone supplement by GE Pharma. The formula is no longer listed on the official website, but the company does offer another prohormone in its place. Many of the supplements available on the GE Pharma website claim to include Ephedra. There are multiple extracts from the Ephedra plant, so the company may not be lying. However, Ephedra in proven form is a controlled substance in the United States and can only be purchased through a pharmacy. At the time of purchase, the United States Government records the time, date and amount of Ephedra purchased.

List of Ingredients


  • 2-cyano-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-androst-3-1
  • 2a 17a-dimethyl-17B, Hydroxy-5a-androst-3-one

SERM Complex:

  • Sodium Caprylate
  • Ellagic Acid
  • Quercetin
  • Luteolin
  • Chrysin

Product Features

EpiFire is a prohormone. Prohormones are designed to increase lean muscle and strength. The effects are proven time and time again, but these effects are short-lived. After the 4 to 6 week cycle of EpiFire is complete, the athlete will notice a sharp reduction in strength and muscle mass. Post cycle therapy (PCT) is often used to help the body recover from the prohormone cycle and help retain lean muscle mass. Strong PCTs will work, but not all lean muscle will be retained.

There is a long list of controlled prohormones. Athletic competitions may require a drug test before the athlete is allowed to compete. Just because EpiFire is available as a supplement does not mean it contains ingredients allowed in competition. There is a good chance this supplement will cause a positive reaction.

The known side effects of taking prohormones include increased blood pressure, decreased healthy cholesterol levels, anger, acne and increased estrogen.

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  • Will cause increased strength and muscle mass.
  • Contains estrogen-blocking ingredients.
  • Available for sale online.


  • May cause liver damage.
  • May increase blood pressure and negatively affect cholesterol levels.
  • May affect testosterone levels.
  • Designed for men only.
  • May cause the athlete to fail a drug test.


EpiFire is a combination of prohormones and aromatase inhibitors. Traditionally, prohormones cause an increase in estrogen and a decrease in testosterone. This can limit the muscle-building effects of the supplement. In some cases, bodybuilders wait until the post cycle to boost test, but EpiFire includes estrogen-blocking ingredients to keep testosterone in control. Products like EpiFire are designed for men only. Use of prohormones with aromatase inhibitors can cause extreme side effects in women, including cessation of menstrual cycle, increased body hair and lowering of the voice. Many prohormones are based on steroids or other prohormones, so that is why the possible side effects are similar to those of steroids.

EpiFire will cause weight gain, not weight loss, so the dieter needs to skip this product. Taking prohormones without proper knowledge of potential side effects and post cycle therapy is dangerous. Many competitive sports ban prohormones like EpiFire.

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