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Epistane is an anti-estrogen steroid alternative that was designed by IBE or Innovative Body Enhancement. This company produces a handful of products but most of them seem geared for the bodybuilding crowd. Epistane claims to be able to give you massive amounts of muscle gain with a significant increase in strength.

Steroid alternatives have become very popular among bodybuilders and dieters both as they may give you a significant boost of energy that lets you increase the duration of your workouts as well as enables you to lift more weights. Epistane claims to reduce the body’s ability to store fat also.


2,3a-Epithio-17a-methyletioallo cholan-17b-ol 10 mg

Product Features

Epistane is an alternative to steroids that may help you bulk up, increase your libido, and greatly improve your workouts according to the official website. The website focuses a lot on this products ability to block estrogen. This may help men who suffer from gynecomastia or see it beginning to happen. Epistane’s official website is fairly technical but bodybuilders who are familiar with various supplements will know exactly what is being stated.

You can find a suggested dosage chart for days you plan on lifting weights on the Epistane site which is nice. A known problem with products such as this is that they shouldn’t be taken for extended periods of time. You may experience some unwanted effects on your liver and you may be prone to acne and mineral retention. The website offers some tips to help you decrease these unwanted effects however.

This product retails for around $75 on third party websites but the official website sells it for $59.99.

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  • Epistane may help you lose fat if you are a bodybuilder.


  • Steroid alternative products like Epistane may be harmful to the liver.
  • Epistane may only appeal to bodybuilders who already have a strict diet in place.
  • This isn’t technically a weight loss product.


Epistane is an alternative to more powerful steroids that require injection. This product comes in capsules and should be less harmful on the body than the injectable varieties.

Most people who are looking to lose some weight won’t find a product like Epistane very appealing. They will want to lose weight and won’t worry about increasing the amount of weight they can lift or how defined their muscles are. If you are a bodybuilder who seems to have hit a plateau, you might want to check out Epistane or similar products but for the average dieter, you should probably skip this one. Instead, we recommend you find a weight loss supplement that uses a very powerful thermogenic ingredient such as Citrimax.

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    i am on seroquel meds from my doctor.if i took one cycle of epistane would it effect my medication or myself in any harmful way?thank you.