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Equiade is a company that specializes in a few products to help dogs, humans and horses. The blends are different for each group of consumer but they all focus on using holistic elements to improve health in the focus groups. The company was founded by Arnold Epstein who was a horseman and a pharmacist. A partnership was later formed with Dr. Ernest Pecoraro and they began to create safe performance enhancing supplements for horses that would also be legal. Later they began to create these effective supplements for humans. The product line is sold online at websites that are specifically for bodybuilders ad sports nutrition users.

List Of Ingredients

Dependent upon the specific product.

Product Features

Equiade continues to build their business by focusing on a narrow strip of products to target body builders, athletes and animals. The focus allows the company to create products that increase performance and fat burning as well as improve joint health.

Equiade’s Product Line

Equiade Body Builder, 32 fl. oz.Equiade Body Builder, 8 fl. oz.Equiade Lube-All Plus, 16 fl. oz. for Joint SupportEquiade Lube-All Plus, 16 fl. oz. for Joint SupportEquiade Lube-All, 16 fl. oz. for Joint SupportEquiade Lube All Plus for Canine and HorsesEquiade Body Builder Supplement for Canine and Horses

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  • Can provide anti stress results.
  • Improves endurance during a workout.
  • The products are available online.
  • The products have complete information available about the data collected on them and the research used in their development as well as case studies on the company website.
  • Available without a prescription.
  • Easy to follow dosing instructions


  • As with other diet products pregnant and nursing women can not use Equiade.
  • People with health conditions should use only under medical supervision.
  • The products can be expensive and they are not as widely available as other nutritional supplements.


Equiade began as a nutritional supplement producer for animals but soon learned their products can be used legally and safely by humans as well. The product line focuses on dogs, humans and horses. Bodybuilders and athletes use Equiade products to increase endurance and burn fat. The products are made through a holistic approach and the research is fully available on the company website for anyone who wishes to view the information. The product designs were created by both Arnold Epstein and Dr. Ernest Pecoraro. Equiade products consider the targeted species’ nutritional needs when developing the blend for each group. Homeopathic concepts along with holistic extracts work together to help improve joint health, physical endurance and fat burning capabilities.

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