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Equical Chews may well be too good to be true. There is very little information available about this supplement. I found many review that hardly contain any information as well, proving that I was diligent in my search and that the company responsible for these lofty claims wasn’t very forthcoming. There is no main website, not for a manufacturer, a distributor or sales. I can find nothing on who is responsible for the product, its description or its preposterous allegations.


No known ingredient list can be found.

Product Features

The advantageous website offering Equical Chews for sale boasts that this new slimming product can do everything on its own. No supplemental supports are necessary, no exercise is required and no change in eating habits is needed by you. According to this site, the only thing necessary for weight loss is one Equical chew every four days. One every four days enables your body to produce some sort of magical hormone that enables you to burn calories and stored body fat deposits at will. This site even attempts to prove its claims by adding information about supposed research that exemplifies the alleged statements. They claim that more than 500 participants from 6 countries were weighed every four days and lost an average of eight pounds every time from doing nothing but using these chews!

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  • Equical Chews could potentially eliminate the threat of obesity worldwide!
  • The product is said to work alone.
  • No other supplements, diet plans or machinery needed.
  • They are available without a prescription, for approximately $90.


  • The vague consumer website does little to convince me of Equical Chew’s effectiveness.
  • This product appears to be a true farce.
  • The claims made are too far fetched to be plausible.


Find yourself a product containing a reputable stimulant, a fat burner and an appetite suppressant, and cut your own consumption of fats, carbohydrates and sugars. If this product were the real deal, we would be hearing about it all over national news and obesity would be a thing of the past. The creator of such an important resource would likely be a winner of a Nobel Prize and there would be a more convincing website that included an ingredient list. Let this one be the one that got away.

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5 User Reviews about Equical Chews

  • 1
    cara long

    i used this and lost nothing, complete waste of money!


  • 2
    Fabienne Liurette

    I have used 45 Equical tablet and have not lost a single gram


  • 3
    Lyn Hooker

    How can I purchase these? I want to place an order now!!


  • 4
    Marie Otigba

    I bought 15 Tablets and used it – did not loose an ounce.



    i,v used Equical too and have not lost a single pound its a scam !!!!!