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Equical is a dietary supplement that makes many claims. Equical comes as a chewable. The manufacturer presents the diet aid as a miracle drug that can allow the user to lose five pounds with the first chew. These reports are very dramatic. The company does not provide the ingredients on their website. We found the ingredients after extensive research to try to substantiate the claims. The company boasts dramatic results but does not provide much research information to back the claims up.

List Of Ingredients

800 mg blend of Choline Bitartrate, Hydroxy-Citric-Acid (HCA), Bladderwrack, and Grapefruit Pectin.

Product Features

Equical Chews providers claim the diet aid can perform all the weight loss essentials on its own without the consumer having to diet or exercise. Supposedly one chewable will cause the user to lose 5 pounds in 4 days. A second chewable will cause the person to lose another 5 pounds and so forth. Equal Chews says no supplemental supports such as exercise or calorie reduction are required. According to websites that sell Equical Chews, you only need to take one very for days to enable the body to produce a hormone that burns calories and stored body fat deposits. There are research statements made on the website but these are vague and do not cite specific studies or take the reader to any specific data, credible or otherwise.

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  • If the claims are accurate Equical Chews could help millions of people lose weight.
  • No additional commitments are needed by the consumer.
  • The consumer does not have to purchase additional equipment.
  • Available without a prescription.
  • Fast acting so you will know right away if the product will work for you.


  • No research is provided to substantiate hard to believe claims.
  • Sounds too good to be true but the company gives no way to analyze the facts.
  • The ingredients are not readily available as with other similar products. .


Equical Chews make promising statements that will appeal to many people who are desperate to try anything to shed their hard to lose weight. The company does not provide an ingredient list along with other product information. The Equical Chews may be effective but no one can make a third party analysis of this. The cost is relatively low when considering the low number of chews needed to achieve weight goals so perhaps the financial risks are low. Dieters should make their own decisions about whether to try Equical chews or not. The ingredients listed here can be helpful for anyone who wishes to research the use of each of the key ingredients.

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5 User Reviews about Equical

  • 1
    tracy dawson

    I have had 2 chews and not lost a pound. Gonna write to company and conplain that mis selling this product and want money back. Can prove my weight as go ww,s meeting every wk.


  • 2
    Fiona Cameron

    I have taken two of the chew once and haven’t lost any weight I have even cut down on food intake but still nothing it’s a rip-off I’d I’ve it 0/5!


  • 3
    denise swede

    I have only used 2 of the equical (long)tablets not the chews and I have lost 7lbs in 10 days. They cut your appetite and you are not keen on fatty foods or wine. They do in fact increase energy levels but do not cause me any added sleeplessness. For me so far so good.


    Fiona Cameron

    When do you take your in the morning? And do you take it before or after you eat? Any help wound be appreciated thankyou.



    We’re did u get them plz