Ergolean Amp 2 Review

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What You Should Know

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Ergolean is a weight loss supplement that promises fat burning capabilities. Eroglean Amp 2 claims to be the most potent of all the thermo stimulating compounds on the market. Ergolean Amp 2 boasts that its ingredients are comparable to Ephedrine which is a stimulant that has been banned from the US market due to devastating side effects. Ergolean Amp 2 says its product will burn fat just as effectively as Ephedrine but without all the side effects. The supplement promist to help people gain true muscle mass through a combination of key ingredients selected for their ability to promote the thermogenic process. Part of this process is increased metabolism and maximization of fat burning capabilities. Patrick Arnold is an expert on bodybuilding and the related products and he recommends the use of Ergolean to bodybuilders and athletes in general. Ergolean Amp 2 is available online.

Geranamine is an active ingredient in Eroglean Amp 2 and it is highly controversial as related to the question of safety.

List Of Ingredients

Chocamine (Theobroma Cacau Seed), Geranamine (constituent of Geranium Oil), Caffeine Anhydrous

Product Features

Ergolean Amp 2 claims to be as effective as the banned Ephedrine without the nasty side effects that got Ephedrine pulled from the market. The Geranamine ingredient is a proprietary blend specific to Ergolean products. Part of the ingredients making up this blend is Geranium Oil which is also used in soap, shampoo and alternative medications. There is no evidence that will support the oils ability to help promote weight loss. The oil is commonly used to alleviate swelling and burns.Another ingredient in Ergolean Amp 2 is Theobroma Cacau Seed these are typically used in the production of cocoa butter. Caffeine Anhydrous is a strong version of caffeine. This is used as an energy booster but comes with its own side effects of insomnia and dehyrdration.

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  • Economical as it can be found at a relatively low cost online.
  • Ergolean Amp 2 comes with the recommendation of an known body building expert.


  • Ingredient list doesn’t provide a clear perception of effectiveness.
  • Long term side effects are not known.
  • No research to determine if the supplement is based on proven information.


Ergolean Amp 2 provides potential users with little information about ingredients or how it works. A well known body building expert does recommend the product so that is a plus in its favor. It is unknown if the expert is a paid endorser or not. Ergolean Amp 2 may wish to consider releasing a complete list of active ingredients so consumers can be more confident in their purchase. Side effects of the known ingredients are insomnia and dehydration.

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