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Fat-burning supplements continue to be the most sought out supplements today, and joining the ranks of these power blasting supplements is Ergolean AMP, a product claiming to possess the most potent thermo-stimulating mixture available today. It compares its ingredients to the banned stimulant ephedrine, but claims to have none of ephedrine’s devastating side effects. Ergolean claims to revolutionize the way people gain true muscle mass by combining a selection of ingredients that promote the themogenic processes, including metabolism increases and maximizing fat-burning processes. This product is catching everyone’s attention, including QFAC consultant Patrick Arnold. Patrick Arnold is considered the expert on all bodybuilding products, and his recommendation does increase the credibility of Ergolean.

Ergolean, although not sold in stores, is available from many online vendors for $24.99. One bottle should last around a month. Included in Ergolean is its own patented ingredient, Geranamine, but this ingredient is not without controversy. Ergolean may claim to have the most potent fat burner available, but this does not necessarily ensure the safety of dieters.


Not Listed on Official Site: Chocamine (Theobroma Cacau Seed), Geranamine (constituent of Geranium Oil), Caffeine Anhydrous. Warning to consumers: This may not be a complete list.

Product Features

Ergolean claims to offer the same benefits as ephedrine through the inclusion of Geranamine, an exclusive blend formulated by their manufacturer. Ergolean only indicates Geranium Oil is part of this formulation. Geranium Oil is a common additive for soaps and shampoos, and it is also used extensively in alternative medicine. There is no evidence supporting its function in weight loss — Geranium Oil is commonly used to treat swelling and burns.

Theobroma Cacau Seed, another key ingredient, probably does not provide weight loss support. Theobroma Cacau Seeds are normally used to produce cocoa butter. The only weight loss benefit is probably derived from Caffeine Anhydrous, a stronger form of caffeine. Caffeine is certainly an energy stimulant, but it also has a plethora of unwanted side effects, including insomnia and dehydration.

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  • Product is recommended by an online bodybuilding expert as a useful bodybuilding product.
  • Is an affordable fat burner, with discounts found on other sites.


  • Contains no ingredients which will burn fat or increase metabolism.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous will have adverse side effects if taken for long periods of time.
  • There is little information available about how Ergolean works to eliminate fat.
  • Ergolean does not offer a money-back guarantee.


Ergolean AMP appears to be another supplement claiming to blast fat without providing proper ingredients. More information about its ingredients would help approximate how powerful this fat burner truly is. Ergolean is not without some benefits, however – Caffeine Anhydrous should provide a quick energy boost to help maximize a workout. Male dieters will find Ergolean beneficial, but female dieters should seek a complete supplement for a better appropriate fit.

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