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What You Should Know

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ErgoLean AMP2 is a product of ErgoPharm. Though several online sources claim the supplement increases weight loss effectively, we could not find the product on the official website. Torch’D is listed on the ErgoPharm website and contains all the same ingredients as the original ErgoLean. Without a product listing, the dieter must research outside the official website for more information and ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous, Zingerone, Raspberry Ketone, Coleus Forskohlii Extract 10%, Green Coffee Bean Extract 50%, Dimethylpentylamine (constituent of geranium oil), Fursultiamine, Evodiamine, and Kaempferol 50%.

Product Features

The number one ingredient in ErgoLean AMP2 is caffeine. We like caffeine, in the correct doses, because it is proven to increase heart weight and metabolism. Many studies have concluded that dieters who consume caffeine lose more weight.

Zingerone is just a spice known for the spicy flavor of ginger. Raspberry Ketone has shown promise as a weight loss ingredient in rat studies. These studies showed the ingredient inhibited weight gain when a high fat diet was consumed.

Coleus Forskohlii Extract is a controversial ingredient that is often linked to protecting lean muscle during times of weight loss. Without an official website, ErgoLean AMP2 cannot support these claims and neither can we without knowing how much Coleus Forskohlii Extract is in the supplement.

Green coffee bean does not pack the punch of green tea but it does have chlorogenic acids, which are linked to several health benefits including weight loss. There is also some caffeine in the green coffee bean.

Dimethylpentylamine is a stimulant commonly used in energy pills and weight loss supplements. No clinical proof could be found to support any weight loss claims. Fursultiamine is a derivative of Thiamin that is more bioavailable to the body. Some studies have linked the ingredient to positive heart health, but no weight loss benefits. One study noted Fursultiamine decreased heart rate so it is often found in weight loss products. Evodiamine claims to have the same effects as capsaicin without the heat, but this effect is not proven in humans.

The final ingredient Kaempferol is thought to have cancer-preventing properties, but that has nothing to do with weight loss. ErgoLean AMP2 sells online for $34.95 per bottle.

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  • Complete ingredient list is found online.
  • Caffeine is proven to increase weight loss.
  • Priced lower than comparable supplements.


  • Most ingredients have no proven link to weight loss.
  • ErgoPharm, the manufacturer of ErgoLean AMP2, does not list the product on the official website.


ErgoLean AMP2 is not listed on the ErgoPharm website, which could mean the manufacturer has chosen to discontinue the product. While the product is priced lower than other weight loss supplements, the only proven ingredient is caffeine.

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