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What You Should Know

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ErgoPharm is a creator of holistic nutritional supplements and prohormones. The company has been in business since 1999. LPJ Research Inc, merged with ErgoPharm to form the company as it currently exists. Before the merger LPJ Resrach Inc was a company that specialized in prohormone technology. According to the company, Partick Arnold, a chemist who pioneered the prohormone research industry, is instrumental in the research and development of ErgoPharm products.

ErgoPharm has a line of nutritional supplements aimed at helping with weight loss, body building, and endurance for athletes.

List Of Ingredients

Dependent on specific product chosen.

Product Features

ErgoPharm has six products that are only offered by their company. These, according to the company, are not knock offs of any other companies supplements. The design of the ErgoPharm products allows them to be used in all phases of the work out. There are products that help to get the athlete ready to work out, products for endurance during the work out and products to help increase the fat burning process and build muscle mass.

EroPharm Product Line

ErgoPharm 1-NO Drink Mix – Pre-Work OutErgo Pharm All-in-One Exercise and Recovery Fuel, 13.76-Ounces- Pre-Work OutErgoPharm 11-OXO, 60 Capsules – Fat Burning/Strength and Muscle Mass Booster ErgoPharm 11-OXO/Ergolean Amp 2 Combo – Fat Burning/Strength and Muscle Mass Booster ErgoPharm 11-Stamin O2 Citrulline Malate Powder – Fat Burning/Strength and Muscle Mass Booster ErgoPharm ClearShot, 12 Pack, Green Tea & Lemon – Neuro-Stimulant & Endurance EnhancerErgoPharm ErgoLean AMP 2- Fat Loss and Appetite SuppressantErgopharm Mass Meal – Probiotic FormulaErgo Pharm All in One – Amino Acid FormulaErgo Pharm GF Pro Whey Protein Isolate – Protein Powder

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  • Available online.
  • Well known company with athletic endorsements recommending the products.
  • Well known chemist working on the design of the products.


  • Little research information is available to support the claims.
  • Expensive when compared to other nutritional supplements.
  • Hard to follow dosing instructions.
  • Incorporating the entire package of products can be hard to accomplish.


ErgoPharm became known for designing prohormones. The company has expanded their focus to include performance enhancing supplements and developing additional products for this market. A new series of supplements for the pre work out stage is said to be in the works that will promote the use of energy stores, post workout recovery and performance. The effectiveness of ErgoPharm supplements is unclear due to a lack of research information being released on many products. The range of supplements and the utilization of well known chemists and athletes does lend credibility to the product line.

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