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Eroved CB-7 is a carb blocker included in Eroved’s official Eroved Weight Loss Kit, which uses herbal ingredients to supposedly block carbohydrates. Eroved CB-7 is sold as part of Eroved’s official kit, but this product is actually a separate formula, meant to be taken in addition to other supplements. Eroved features one of the hardest regimens to date, and dieters must swallow 15 pills every day in addition to Eroved’s CB-7 Carb Blocker to gain the most from this program. This is strictly a diet program for people who have already completed Eroved’s weight loss program. Eroved CB-7 is currently sold on its official site but it must be purchased in kits, which are mostly available in monthly installments. Eroved’s 30-day kit is available for $150. Eroved also emphasizes that it does not offer a money-back guarantee because it would impact the cost of its product.

Eroved CB-7 is a simple product that claims to block carbohydrates through the use of herbal ingredients. Most of these ingredients are commonly found in carb blockers, but their effectiveness is always a concern. Unlike Eroved’s other products, Eroved CB-7 is only meant for weight control — this is only designed for people want to maintain their weight, not lose more.


Chromium, White Kidney Bean Extract, Glucomannan, Gymnema Sylvestre 75% Extract, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Banaba 1% Extract, Vandyl Sulfate.

Product Features

The two main ingredients in Eroved CB-7 are White Kidney Bean Extract and Glucomannan, which accounts for 3/4 of CB-7′s formula. According to Eroved, White Kidney Bean Extract helps block starches from being absorbed. This is a legitimate claim and several studies show this extract prevents starches from breaking down. This essentially means starches (and their caloric contents) are not absorbed.

Glucomannan does not have these positive benefits, however. According to Eroved, Glucomannan absorbs fats and helps increase stomach fullness. There is no clinical evidence showing Glucomannan breaks down any sort of substance, although it is used as an appetite suppressant. There is also a hidden danger with Glucomannan — it is a potential choking hazard, due to how it expands when swallowed.

It appears that Eroved CB-7 might offer some positive benefits, but these ingredients should be taken in food form for the best potency.

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  • Contains White Kidney Bean Extract.
  • Glucomannan helps promote stomach fullness.


  • With 12+ pills to be taken daily, the Eroved regimen is too difficult to follow.
  • It must be purchased in a kit — dieters will need to pay $150 per month to gain CB-7′s benefits.
  • Is only meant for people who wish to maintain their current weight.


The cost and difficulty of Eroved CB-7 seems to outweigh its medicinal benefits in this case. Eroved could improve their product by offering a simpler, cheaper solution for all dieters. Dieters are encouraged to limit fat and starch intake instead of depending on a supplement for optimum results. The Eroved system, while certainly confusing, contains beneficial ingredients, however, and should be considered a serious option for weight management.

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