Eroved Lipo Cb- 7 Review

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What You Need To Know

Eroved Lipo CV-7 can be found at, but precious little else can be found there with it. There is no link to a contact page and no information available about the company. No email addresses, no phone numbers and no mailing address here. The site offers a secure purchase checkout, and it is plainly noted that there is absolutely NO return policy. According to the page, the contents of this supplement are so outrageously low priced through this website, they simply cannot afford to offer a guarantee.


Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate), Northern White Kidney Bean Extract (Phase 2), Glucomannan, Gymnema Sylvestre (75% extract), R- Alpha Lipoic Acid, Banaba Leaf (1% extract), and Vandyl Sulfate.

Product Features

There is no specific usage for Eroved Lipo CB- 7 listed on the web page. It does state that 4 capsules are a serving, but it stops there. It does not tell you how many times a day it is to be taken or if this is one dosage to be taken multiple times daily. Likewise, there is no specific explanation as to why you should take this supplement. We can only divulge from the ingredient list that it is meant to aid in keeping blood sugar levels satisfactory and it is also used as a carbohydrate blocker, meant to help eliminate a few of your carbs before they become stored fat cells to be used as energy supplies later.

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  • Eroved Lipo CB- 7 contains all natural ingredients.
  • There are a few supposed testimonials online.


  • There are no specifics available about Eroved Lipo CB- 7, aside from the fact that four capsules constitutes a serving.
  • There is no price listed.
  • There are no specified valid reasons for purchasing or imbibing this product.
  • There is no return policy.


This website is very pretty, quite detailed and put together well, although it contains little to no information to convince you of the proper usage, dosage or reasoning behind Eroved LipoCB- 7.

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