Eroved Lipo T-10 Review

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Eroved Lipo T-10 is a nutritional supplement included in Eroved’s Weight Loss Kit, taken in conjunction with Eroved’s other weight loss supplements. All supplements are formulated to compliment each other, and Eroved Lipo T-10 is meant to provide nutritional support. Although Eroved Lipo T-10 will not provide any dietary benefits, it claims to provide optimum nutritional support through 10 “superfood” extracts, including Green Tea and Wild Blueberry Extract. Most ingredients, according to Eroved, are included to help combat Heart Disease and some cancers.

Unfortunately for dieters, Eroved is not the easiest program to complete. Dieters must meet certain criteria to participate — they must either be overweight or need to lose at least 20lbs for health (as opposed to aesthetic) reasons. According to testimonials posted on Eroved, dieters lost an average of 13lbs in 30 days. To achieve this, dieters should expect to swallow 15 to 45 pills per day to complete the program. T-10 can be purchased through Eroved’s official 30-day kit for $150. Eroved currently offers no refunds regardless of any circumstances — dieters should be extremely careful when taking this product.

Eroved Lipo T-10′s ingredients will be evaluated for safety and effectiveness, the best indicator of how this supplement truly works.


Oatvantage Oat Fiber, Marinol Fish Oil Omega-3 DHA Powder, VitaBlue Wild Blueberry Powder, Futureceauticals Broccoli Sprout Powder 5000, LinumLife EXTRA Flax Seed Lignan Powder, Lycomato Beads Lycopene 3% Extract, DSM Teavigo Green Tea Extract (EGCG 94%), BroccoSinolate Broccoli Sprout Extract 4%, AlliMax Allicin Powder, Resveratrol 25% Extract, Lutein 5% Extract, Bioperine.

Product Features

The majority of Eroved T-10′s formula comes from its food extracts, including Oat Fiber and Blueberry Powder. The concern here is not its effectiveness — both ingredients help promote healthy digestion and provide healthy antioxidants — but these ingredients in extract form might not be as potent. Blueberries must be eaten fresh to obtain their cancer-fighting antioxidant properties, and these may be diminished when used as an extract. Oat Fiber is best eaten in food form for proper digestion.

Nevertheless, most of these ingredients could provide healthy benefits to dieters. Green Tea Extract, for example, is considered a safe metabolism booster and fights the development of cancer. Numerous studies also show regular Green Tea intake helps people lose weight. Sticking to a healthy diet could be equally, if not more, beneficial however.

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  • Contains Green Tea Extract, a cancer-fighting ingredient and metabolism booster.
  • Most ingredients are all-natural.
  • Ingredients contain no adverse side effects.


  • Several ingredients are more potent in food form.
  • Must be purchased with the rest of the Eroved supplement kit.
  • Eroved Lipo T-10 is extremely expensive; it is not meant for everyone.
  • The T-10 regimen alone requires dieters to swallow 9 capsules per day — the entire kit requires dieters to swallow up to 45 pills DAILY.


The ingredients found in Eroved Lipo T-10 may help improve the health of dieters, but the cost might be too much for dieters. A healthy diet could deliver the same benefits as Eroved Lipo T-10, but for those who want more control, T-10 might serve as a fine solution — although the multi-pill regimens will not be easy to complete.

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