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Erythritol is created by Now Foods and is a sugar substitute derived from corn. The sugar is made through the fermentation process to yield corns sugar alcohol which is a natural product. The sugar alcohol tastes like sugar but doesn’t subject the taster to the calories and blood sugar spikes like traditional sugar.

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Erythritol is a sugar substitute that is made from corn. It is available from Now Foods.

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  • No nasty after tastes.
  • Tastes almost just like sugar.
  • Does not increase the glycemic value in people with diabetes or hypoglycemia. This reduces the sugar high rollercoaster.
  • Zero calories so it is great for dieters.
  • The manufacturer is experienced and well respected in the sweetener and food product industry.
  • Erythritol occurs naturally in foods.
  • No increase in bodily gas if consumed in large amounts as can be caused by other sugar alcohols such as xylitol, mannitol, and sorbitol.
  • Helps to prevent tooth decay by hampering the production of damaging bacteria in the mouth.
  • Erythritol is appropriate for baking.


  • Erythritol lacks some of the sweetness of sugar so you must add about one-fourth to one-third more Erythritol than you would for sugar to achieve the same sweetness.
  • Some people report Erythritol has a feeling on the tongue similar to a breath mint which is a little strange and not really desirable. Mixing erythritol with another sweetener will reduce this effect.
  • Erythritol may cause some clear liquids to turn cloudy immediately after adding it to the beverage. This will fade and is likely due to the release of oxygen bubbles as the erythritol dissolves.
  • Erythritol takes longer to dissolve than traditional sugar. This causes some foods to be granular in consistency. Creating a powder from Erythritol before adding it to the food may be helpful.
  • Erythritol is more expensive than sugar and makes the food product more expensive.


The benefits of Erythritol are numerous and many companies are learning this. Now Foods erythritol is a good value and readily available. The product is a natural sugar substitute that does not require artificial flavors such as sucralose or aspartame, which have been controversial. When compared with sugar or artificial sweeteners, erythritol is higher in price but is a more healthy alternative which could save in medical and lifestyle costs. The Food and Drug Administration views Erythritol as a practical and safe alternative to using sugar. Erythritol-based sweeteners have been available in other countries for years. With more people choosing to eat more organic and natural foods Erythritol may become more readily available in the US.

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    I am subject to seizures and taking four different prescription drugs. I tried Truvia and within a couple of days my regular control was interuped for 2-3 days. I stopped and returned to sugar use. Because of caloric reasons and chose trying Nectreese as a possible sub. I seemed to have the same reaction. Consequential? Has this ever had any test for trial of this reaction?


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    Ann Lalik

    I have read that corn sugars aren’t good for a diet. Truvia is made from corn. What’s the real scoop? Trying to stay away from white(sugar) pastas, breads, etc.