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Escape Your Weight: Diets and Exercise Alone Won’t Work, This Proven Plan Will! is a book written and developed by Edward J. Jackowski. It is available for purchase through and a new hard cover copy retails for $2.01 or more. Edward Jackowski has written several titles available including Escape Your Shape: How To Work Out Smarter, Not Harder and Hold It! You’re Exercising Wrong. He has also sold VHS’s by the names of Escape Your Shape: Hourglass/ Cone and The Great Escape: A Shape Sculpting Video.


From what I have seen, the ingredients are a few books, some VHS videos and a healthy dose of cynicism.

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Last year alone, we as Americans spent more than $30 billion to try and lose weight through products and services purported to give us awesome abs or the illusion of a healthier me. All the while, the economic cost of obesity was more than $100 billion. If all that was necessary for us to achieve and maintain rock hard bodies, was one of Alice’s Magic Pills, 10 minutes of slightly rigorous exercise and the simple elimination of carbohydrates from our diet as so many of these incredulous schemes suggest. Why are so many of us still over weight? Why are so many people labeled as obese and unable to live life to its fullest if the answer to our problems lies amidst the vast piles of pills and herbs littering the weight loss highway? Escape Your Weight is here to offer you a choice of exercise and eating plans that you can choose from. The plans are ones that will fit your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or a more considerable amount, it will likely be much easier done on your terms. Maybe you can only stick to a diet for 3 or four days at a time, maybe you can only exercise twice a day or twice a week. Escape Your Weight is full of photographed exercise plans and ease of use you will learn how and what it takes to become fit and slim.

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  • Escape Your Weight is not just another diet pill.
  • It is an easy to manage exercise system for use by anyone, from beginner level to expert.
  • It is pretty inexpensive in regards to other products I’m sure we have all tried.


  • I don’t agree with sitting around and reading a book about how you shouldn’t sit around.
  • Escape Your Weight doesn’t include a fat burner, appetite suppressant or stimulant.


A book that explains the difference in exercising the right way and exercising the right way may be a good idea and even better if it was an audio book set to an up tempo beat!

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