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What You Should Know

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The world of weight loss supplements is full of products that claim to contain all the right ingredients to promote weight loss and help the dieter reach weight loss goals. Essential Living Weight Loss is one of those products. As is the case with most weight loss supplements, there is a long list of ingredients with few proven with clinical research. Essential Living Weight Loss contains three proven ingredients, but without an official website and no amounts listed for the ingredients, the dieter has no idea if there are enough of these to promote weight loss. Combining dangerous ingredients with proven ingredients creates a supplement a dieter should not trust.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii, Guarana, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Rhodiola Rosea, Citrus Aurantium, Octopamine, Caffeine Anhydrous, White Willow Bark, L-Tyrosine, Coleus Forskohlii, Evodiamine, Naringin, Bioperine, Vanadyl Sulfate and Chromium Picolinate.

Product Features

The proven ingredients in Essential Living Weight Loss are caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract and chromium picolinate. Caffeine boosts metabolism by increasing heart rate. In adequate amounts, heart rate is increased just enough to stimulate fat loss. When too much is included, the dieter can feel negative side effects like jitters. Green tea contains EGCG, proven to increase fat burn. Clinical amounts of 300 to 350 mg must be included to achieve an increase in weight loss. Chromium helps to control blood glucose levels so the dieter feels less hungry. Controlling hunger is a key element to weight loss, but we have no idea how much chromium in included.

Garcinia cambogia may be linked to liver damage. Citrus aurantium is a stimulant with similar side effects to Ephedra. White willow bark is a natural form of aspirin that may thin the blood. L-tyrosine is included to lower blood pressure, which means the supplement may cause an unsafe rise in blood pressure.

Essential Living Weight Loss is no longer listed for sale online.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Proven ingredients are used in the formula.


  • No ingredient amounts are listed.
  • May cause an unsafe rise in blood pressure.
  • May cause increased heart rate and negative stimulant side effects.
  • No exercise or diet information is included with the supplement.
  • No clinical research to support weight loss claims.


There are tons of weight loss supplements to choose from so dieters need to focus on the ingredients and how they react in the body. Essential Living Weight Loss contains ingredients that may cause negative side effects and no specific amounts for proven ingredients. Dieters will likely feel jittery and nervous when taking this supplement, a common but useless reaction. Proven ingredients like green tea and chromium are available in supplements with a testimonial track record of increased weight loss.

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