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What You Should Know

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The Essiac Herbal Company creates natural supplements for the general populations. There starship supplement is Essiac Tea. The tea is a combination of eight herbs that are ground into a powder and can be consumed either as hot or cold tea. The Essiac Tea and other supplements are claimed to have healing powers due to the high herbal potency that eases the effects of cancer and other serious diseases. The manufacturer claims the herbal supplements will boost overall health and soothe the body.

List Of Ingredients

Key ingredients in the herbal supplements act as detoxifiers. A natural antibiotic included in the supplement is Blessed thistle. This may be helpful in aiding the body to fight certain kinds of infections. Red clover is also an ingredient of Essiac Herbal supplements and is said to be able to purify the blood and aids in the healing of skin problems. Slippery Elm cleanses and soothes mucous membranes. Turkey Rhubarb aids in clearing out the digestive system.

Another ingredient in Essiac Herbal supplements is Burdock which can contribute to the cleansing properties and act as a cure for digestive complications. This herb also helps the body eliminate excess fluids. Kelp is also an ingredient in the Essiac Herbal lineup and is widely known to help thyroid function due to the amount of iodine in kelp. A healthy thyroid can help metabolism and hormone fluctuations. Sheep sorrel is claimed by Essiac Herbal to act as an agent to break down “foreign matter like tumors” and watercress is added to the herbs for a flavoring and general wellness.

Product Features

Essiac Herbal supplements are made exclusively in Canada. The herbal formula contains many well known and respected herbs such as: burdock, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, Indian rhubarb and vitamins A and C to promote cleansing and detoxification.

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  • No prescription needed.
  • All natural detoxifier.
  • Generally, inexpensive for an all natural supplement.
  • Many items to choose from.
  • Widely available on the internet.


  • No research to substantiate huge claims about being cures for major illnesses.
  • Must be used under the supervision of a medical doctor if there are any histories of medical conditions.


Essiac Herbal is a blend of ingredients, herbs and vitamins, designed to work well together to reduce the effects of chemotherapy and surgeries. The healing properties in the herbal supplements can be numerous. There are no research to support the claims of the company. People who are typically considered healthy may want to use Essiac Herbal supplements to revitalize the immune system, boost energy, and cleanse the body.

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