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What You Should Know

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Essiac is an herbal supplement that comes in a liquid or solid form. Liquid Essiac herbal supplements must be shaken before they are used. The supplement is to promote overall good health but cannot be taken during pregnancy or by mothers who are nursing or children under 10 years of age. The supplement must be stored in a cool place and used within 2 weeks after opening the bottle.

Dosage instructions are to take 2 to 4 tsp (10-20 ml) twice a day.The claims made by Essiac about their all natural herbal supplements are not covered the United States Food and Drug Administration so they are not evaluated for accuracy. This is true for all herbal remedies and supplements.

List Of Ingredients

Vitamin A: 110IU, Vitamin C: 1mg, and a Proprietary blend of ingredients: 4.8gm. The proprietary blend of ingredients work to detox the system. Blessed thistle is a natural antibiotic that may be helpful fighting some kinds of infections in the body. Red clover is supposed to be able to purify the blood and helps heal skin problems. Slippery Elm cleanses and soothes mucous membranes and Turkey rhubarb helps to clear out the digestive system. Burdock also has cleansing properties that helps to cure digestive complications through the elimination of excess bodily fluids. Iodine helps to promote proper thyroid functioning and is provided to Essiac through Kelp. A functioning thyroid helps increase metabolism and stabilize hormone fluctuations. Sheep sorrel acts to break down “foreign matter like tumors” and watercress is added for flavor and general wellness.

Product Features

Essiac was created by Nurse Rene M. Caisse who is well known for making significant contributions to natural medicine discovers in the early 1900′s. In 1922, she created Essiac and used the formula to promote immune system health. The Tea was created from four main herbs natyive to Ontario, Canada. These are Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Turkey Rhubarb Root. These herbs were chosen for their abilities to effectively assimilate and eliminate the toxins in the body. Some people believe the combination of the roots are more powerful than if they were taken separately.

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  • All natural herbal ingredients.
  • Relatively low costs for some of the products.


  • No research to support the claims.


Herbal ingredients are blended with vitamins to create Essiac. They were chosen to work well together to reduce the effects of modern medicine and to remove bodily toxins. The natural ingredients have been used for centuries as standalone herbs. Ms. Caisse discovered blending them together would make each one more effective and so she created the Essiac Tea. There is no research to support these beliefs but the supplement has been used since 1922.

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