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What You Should Know

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When you are striving to shed unwanted body fat, you may be interested in a supplement that assists or speeds things along. This is completely natural. However, it is imperative to know what you are getting into when you choose a particular product to take daily. Now, let us go over the supplement known as EST Suppressor.

Unlike many other weight loss pills and formulas on the market today, EST Suppressor only has one core ingredient, which is Hoodia. As far as how and when you should take this weight reduction product, it is directed to be taken twice daily, two capsules at a time with water. After seven days, users are directed to reduce the dose of EST Suppressor to once per day. As with most weight loss products, this one is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.

List of Ingredients

Hoodiastim (500mg) (Hoodia Gordoni 20:1 Extract, Slimaluma [Caralluma Fimbriata Extract]), Anti-Ox (100mg), (Green Tea [Decaffeinated], Blue Green Algae, Grape Seed Extract), Magnesium Stearate, and Gelatin.

Product Features

EST Suppressor is a capsule formula manufactured by the company EST. Although it is still available through some websites and online dealers (a 30-capsule container is $21.99, and a 76-capsule container is $29.99), this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Essentially EST Suppressor is an appetite suppressant that is intended to assist people with weight loss (less food is consumed since hunger is suppressed). This product contains the key active ingredient known as Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is an all-natural cactus plant extract that contains a P-57 molecule, which sends signals to the user’s brain, letting is know that the stomach is full/satisfied. There is no specific fitness routine or diet plan involved with EST Suppressor. Other than control food cravings, this diet supplement may increase energy levels, which can also aid with weight loss. Unfortunately there are no success stories or customer testimonials presented on websites that sell this product. Nor is there any clinical research or data posted to support this supplement.

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  • The main ingredient in EST Suppressor is all-natural Hoodia.
  • This diet formula does not require a doctor’s prescription.


  • There is no clinical research provided to support EST Suppressor.
  • This weight loss supplement has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • There are no success stories or before and after photos posted as support.
  • This product does not increase the user’s metabolism.


Overall, EST Suppressor is very similar to many other Hoodia-based supplements for weight loss. While it is nice to see that this formula contains minimal ingredients, it is unfortunate that it does not assist with calorie burning or heightened thermo genesis. Furthermore, EST Suppressor has been discontinued by the manufacturer, which may be a red flag to some dieters. Fortunately there are plenty of other weight loss supplement options to choose from.

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