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Estevia is a food sweetener that has been labeled as a dietary supplement. Estevia is made from a South American plant which is the Stevia plant. Man products contains Estevia and it is also available in packets to use as a sugar supplement at the table. The packets are labeled with the brand names of Sugarleaf and Sweetleaf. These brands of sweeteners use Estevia instead of the traditional cane sugar.

Estevia has been labeled as a weight loss aid because dieters use is as a sugar alternative due to the lower calorie intake. However, others label it as a dietary supplement because they claim it has an appetite suppressant and a fat burner.

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Estevia fits in with a low-carb and low-sugar diet. These diets have risen in popularity over the past 10 years and has created a market for alternative sweeteners like Estevia. Estevia is about 300 times sweeter than sugar and some say it has additional benefits like controlling blood pressure and decreasing the risk of diabetes. These have not been substantiated with solid research but it stands to reason if cane sugar is removed from the diet fewer people would have problems with high blood pressure and diabetes. Estevia has also come under scrutiny in the 1990′s. The United States banned it from sale or use. The research studies were found to be inconclusive and it is now legal for it to be marketed and used in the country. There are some scientist and others who still question the safety of Estevia. It cannot be sold as a food supplement (ie sugar alternative) it can only be sold as a dietary aid.

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  • Has its own official Website
  • Multiple types of Estevia products available for sale.
  • Estevia is a natural product and not an artificial sweetener.


  • Estevia was banned from the US market for some time.
  • Estevia does not work as an appetite suppressant.
  • Estevia does not work as a fat burner.
  • Research concerning safety is inconclusive.


Estevia may be used as an alternative sweetener but cannot be marketed any way except as a dietary supplement. Estevia can be used when baking or cooking but a smaller amount may be required because it is so much sweeter than cane sugar. The appetite suppressant or fat burning capabilities are not substantiated and there is no reason to believe these claims to be accurate. Estevia is moderately priced and may help reduce weight through a decrease in caloric intake when it is used in place of cane sugar.

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