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Whenever we hear a weight loss with an “Estra” name, we immediately know the formula will claim to control estrogen. Estracort falls into that category. According to published descriptions, the supplement helps to control estrogen levels and thus control fat storage. Estrogen plays a huge part in fat storage as a basic human function. When a woman has higher estrogen levels, she could be pregnant and thus estrogen works to provide for the fetus. Even if there is no pregnancy, higher than normal estrogen levels could lead to fat storage. Estracort includes only four ingredients that are supposed to change how the female body works.

List of Ingredients

PhosphatidylSerine, Green Tea Extract, Diindolemethane and Calcium D-Glucarate.

Product Features

PhosphatidylSerine is present in brain and organ meats, as well as chicken, tuna, turkey, and white beans. It is estimated that western countries only consume about 130 mg per day on average. Research studies have shown supplementation of 400 mg can impede cortisol function after intense workouts in athletes. Estracort contains only 250 mg to be taken daily.

Green Tea Extract is always a welcome ingredient in a weight loss supplement. As with any herbal ingredient, enough needs to be added to be effective and Estracort does that with a whopping 500 mg of green tea extract.

Diindolemethane, or DIM, is marketed all over the Internet as an estrogen controlling supplement. According to one clinical trial, DIM increased good estrogen, which is where the claim to fame comes from. The same study showed increased cortisol levels, as well, counteracting the cortisol reduction phosphatidylserine may cause. Participants were given 140 mg of DIM per day for 30 days. Estracort includes 250 mg of DIM.

Calcium D-Glucarate is an anti-oxidant form of calcium. May not increase weight loss, but could be a healthy addition to any woman’s diet. Estracort sells for $37.99 per one-month supply.

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  • Complete ingredient list published online.
  • Price is less than comparable estrogen controlling supplements.
  • Scientific research supports some of the claims.


  • Estrogen control is not the most effective means of weight loss for women.
  • DIM may increase cortisol levels based on scientific research.


Estracort includes some effective ingredients that could increase weight loss. Green tea extract is the most effective ingredient in the formula, but other ingredients are proven to affect cortisol and estrogen levels in clinical studies. The fact that DIM raises cortisol levels and PhosphatidylSerine decreases cortisol levels is a contradiction. There is a possibility Estracort could work, but with no before and after photos, guarantee, or free trial – dieters may find they are spending money on a supplement that doesn’t work as well as other available weight loss products.

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