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Estro DIM is a supplement that claims to help control the metabolism of estrogens. There is mention of environmental estrogens, which are a huge deal in the nutrition world. Supposedly estrogens are found in meats and from other natural sources and those estrogens are causing irregularities in the human body. With the right amount of estrogens in the body everything just works better. But, there are a lot of questions surrounding environmental estrogens and the efficacy of estrogen-balancing supplements.

We were able to find a complete ingredient list for Estro DIM from NuMedica. The list shows just three ingredients, one of which is DIM.

List of Ingredients


  • Curcumin
  • DIM – diindolylmethane
  • Bioperine

Product Features

We found quite a bit of information on DIM, including many clinical trials (some on-going) in the field of cancer. This is where we expected to see a supplement like DIM because if it can help control the metabolism of estrogen it may help control estrogen levels in patients with estrogen-based cancer. The Curcumin and bioperine in Estro DIM are just included to help the DIM absorb more efficiently. There is no added benefit in terms of estrogen metabolism associated with these ingredients.

With the clinical research on DIM in the cancer field being prominent, what is the connection between weight loss or bodybuilding and DIM? Well, if the bodybuilder is taking prohormones, estrogen levels can grow out of control causing gynecomastia and other negative side effects. Estro DIM may help prevent this effect. In female bodybuilders, Estro DIM may also help keep estrogen in check.

There is no connection between Estro DIM and weight loss so the dieter will not see any benefit from taking this supplement.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Estro DIM has a dedicated website.
  • May promote healthy estrogen levels.
  • Long list of clinical trials have been completed on DIM.


  • No designed for weight loss.


Estro DIM is an extreme specialty supplement that has no effect on the average dieter. The supplement is designed to support healthy estrogen levels in men and women. This could be beneficial for the fitness or bodybuilding professional, but the average person does not typically need estrogen metabolism support.

According to NuMedica, the supplement should be taken as instructed by your medical professional. There is a chance this supplement could be suggested by your doctor for reasons other than those stated here.

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    I have found Estro-DIM to be very helpful in controlling super-heavy menstrual flow. I’ve tried several other products — including some containing DIM, but this one works the best.


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    Just recently had an oopherectomy and now on Minivelle hormone patch. Should I still take Estrodim?


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