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Estrolean is a woman-oriented diet supplement created by Pinnacle that claims to blast fat and improve mood through its estrogen-formulated supplement. Instead of using typical thermogenic stimulants to eliminate fat (by prompting to the metabolism to burn more fat), Estrolean claims to work with a woman’s body to target weight loss, using phyto-estrogen to target specific parts of a woman’s body. They claim that this will balance a woman’s body for optimum weight loss. One participant claims she lost 23 inches through Estrolean, although she does not specify how long this took.

Estrolean seems to be the answer for all women, and its woman-oriented formulation will surely attract many female dieters. Estrolean comes with numerous warnings and questionable ingredients, however, and the science behind its formula is not as concrete as it looks at first glance. Nevertheless, woman-oriented products are high in demand, and the $42.00 price tag may be worth it. If that isn’t enough to convince dieters, it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if dieters are not satisfied.


Not Listed on Official Site: Amylase, Apple Extract, Pomegranite Extract, Sea Vegetable Extract, Lipase, Protease, Herbal Metabogenics (Guarana Extract, Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate Extract), Ginger Root Extract, Citrus Aurantum, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Rhododendron Caucasicum Extract, Herbal Modulators (Chromium Polynicotinate, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Cinnamon Twig Bar, Dong Quai Extract, Barberry Extract, Chaste Berry Extract).

Product Features

The good news about Estrolean? Most of its ingredients are all-natural. Unfortunately for Estrolean, evidence suggests some of its main ingredients, including Pomegranite and Apple Extract, are more potent in food form. This might lessen the real effect it has in Estrolean. Estrolean does include ingredients proven to decrease weight and increase metabolism, including Green Tea Extract and Garcinia Cambogia Extract, but these must be included in plentiful amounts for it to work.

Estrolean also does not provide evidence on how these ingredients help target women specifically. Although Estrolean includes ingredients that will help with weight loss, it does not appear to target weight loss in the ways that the manufacturer claims.

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  • Includes Green Tea Extract in its formulation.
  • Comes with a no limit 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Testimonials about Estrolean claim that users lost 10-20 inches on average.


  • Contains Citrus Aurantum, a powerful new stimulant — avoid if you have any heart-related conditions.
  • Estrolean does not appear to contain any ingredients that specifically target the female body.
  • Some ingredients may lose their potency in extract form.
  • It is only directed towards female dieters.


This may sound like the perfect solution for female dieters, but it might not contain enough to provide full weight loss support. Still, it might be worth the purchase, as many of Estrolean’s ingredients may provide some weight loss support, including appetite suppression and increased energy. People with heart-related issues should avoid Estrolean at all costs due to the inclusion of Citrus Aurantum.

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  • 1

    I would like to ask about this medicine how can l get it by your websit..l’m living in norway…
    Thanks alot


  • 2
    Debbie Cassidy

    I’m looking to purchase Estrolean and I can’t find it anywhere! It seems they’ve discontinued making it and I can’t find any reason why or another product similar to it. I have read a few places that it is now called Fastin, however it doesn’t appear to have the same ingredients. Could you please help me find the product and answers to my questions? Thanks so much, Debbie



    Hey Debbie!!

    Same here!! Now that I’m done breastfeeding I wanted to get back on this. I had taken it years ago(when did that Harry Potter movie “Prisoner of Azkaban” come out? That was the last time I had taken it.) and it worked great! It kept my mood up, my menstrual cycle wasn’t so “bad” and it did help expedite my weight loss. I had no side affects and I never paid more than 20 bucks for it…PLUS, I was able to get it at either Vitamin World or the Vitamin Shoppe, and neither of them have it in their inventory anymore. When YOU find it let me know, and vice/versa.