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What You Need To Know

Estrotrim: Menopause Weight Control is marketed by Pretorius. We could not find a Pretorius website and as such, there is no email, physical mailing address or a toll free phone number available for customer service, questions and concerns, or returns.


Vitex Agnus- Castus (Chasteberry fruit), Green Tea Extract, Chromium, Iodine, and Tyrosine.

Product Features

Estrotrim is specifically manufactured for pre or post menopausal women ages 45 and up. The flux and cessation of hormone production aound menopause can make it very hard to lose weight and keep it off. Menopause is also thought to tell your body to move its placement of stored fat deposits from the hips to the stomach area as well. Users should take one capsule before breakfast and one before lunch in conjunction with a healthy meal plan and slightly vigorous exercise for maximum benefit. The stimulant contained in this product is sufficient to cause jitters, restlessness and anxieties. If sensitivities to xanthines are evident, try one capsule once a day for a few days until your body gets used to the amount.

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  • This product may help with loss of weight/ stored fat deposits.
  • Estrotrim contains green tea as a stimulant.
  • This product is free of many allergens.


  • Estrotrim has no appetite suppressant or fat burner.
  • Estrotrim contains nothing else to specifically counteract the efects of menopause other than chasteberry.
  • The effects of this product are similar to many others found online or in store.
  • This product contains iodine and can cause a serious allergic reaction in some people.


Estrotrim is not much more specific to a menopausal womans’ plight of weight issues than any other over the counter product and a bottle of PMS pills. The Green Tea extract contained within the product and meant as a stimulant, may only stoke the coals of her already raging hot flashes. One should not add fuel to the flame of an already engulfing fire. If you are in the early stages of menopause, it is best to wait out the flux, then choose a product with an appetite suppressant, a fat burner and a mild stimulant. If you are post menopausal, discuss practical products with your helth care provider.

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