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Every year men and women attempt to lose weight and look younger. The process of eating healthy to lose extra pounds and maintaining a youthful image is challenging, and some would even say impossible. Eternal RezV, anti-aging diet pills, target a niche market of consumers who struggle with signs of aging and want to be healthy and thin. This product supposedly helps slow down the aging process while simultaneously helping people lose weight.

Eternal RezV costs $94.95 (shipping and handling included) for a one month supply of the dietary supplement Resveratrol if purchased through their official website. They offer a free 14-day trial to evaluate the product. At the time the trial is ordered the consumer will be charged $5.95 for shipping and handling. They will receive a month supply of Eternal RezV and have 14 days to decide whether or not it the right dietary solution for them. Users claim they started feeling more energetic and notice wrinkles diminishing by day 9. If new trial users agree, and decide to continue using the product, they will be charged for the trial bottle at that time. A charge in the amount of $94.95 will continue on a monthly basis as they continue to receive their supply of Eternal RezV.

List of Ingredients

Eternal RezV contains Resveratol, an all natural supplement formulated to slow down the aging process and help people lose weight. This strong ingredient is commonly found in red wine as it is produced in the skin of grapes.

Product Features

Eternal RezV claims consuming their diet pill on a daily basis will help people lose weight, look younger, prevent cancer, and extend life expectancy. Resveratrol, the active ingredient, increases mitochondria in muscle cells. Mitochondria are responsible for generating cells’ energy which allows the individual to burn more calories and, in turn, help them lose weight regardless of whether or not they work out. Additional benefits the website advertises is the pills ability to help with digestion, fight type 2 diabetes, and override an unhealthy lifestyle.

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  • This anti-aging diet pill can be easily acquired online.
  • There is a 14-day trial to test the product and see if it is works.
  • The product has been featured on 60 Minutes, Oprah, and CNN as a successful weight-loss supplement and named America’s #1 Anti-Aging Pill.


  • This product is very expensive when compared to competing dietary supplements as it costs $94.95 a month.
  • The official website’s statements have not been reviewed by the U.S Food and Drug Administration who is responsible for protecting and promoting the health of consumers.
  • The long term effects of Resveratol have not yet been determined.


Despite the fact that a number of television shows have featured Enternal RezV, the website does not promote healthy eating or exercise in combination with this diet pill. Doctors would warn to be skeptical of a weight loss pill that neglects the importance of eating well and working out. The External RezV anti-aging dietary supplement may help people lose weight, but one should consider the cost versus the benefits before spending $94.95 a month.

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