EuroPharma Carb Control Review

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It appears as though this product, EuroPharm Carb Control, may be used as a weight loss agent. The company EuroPharma was created by Terry Lemerond. It has been mentioned that this company may be one that produces different sorts of nutritional supplements. It appears as thought Terry Lemerond may have been established in the health food industry for more than 40 years. In this review we will take a closer look at the information that has been made available to us so that we may determine if this product could be an effective weight loss supplement.


It appears as though the only ingredient that the company has found it necessary to mention is the Phasolamine. This ingredient is said to have been tested and proven to have an effect on starches and carbohydrates. This ingredient has been note to contain the ability to block the starches that you may eat when you are on a low carb diet. It says that it does this by blocking the starches from going any further than the small intestine so that they will not be absorbed. This is supposed to prevent the carbohydrates from being converted into sugar, then the sugar being turned into calories, then the calories being stored as fat.

Product Features

It seems as though this product may have been designed with the idea in mind that most people will cheat when they are on a low carb diet, and this product may allow them to do that without the dieter having to suffer the consequences of possible weight gain by doing so. You are supposed to be able to do this simply by taking a few of these pills right before you decide to eat a meal full of carbohydrates. It is hard to say what else this product may be able to perform because we are not sure if the ingredient that was given to us was the only ingredient or not. I guess it is possible that this may be the one and only ingredient in this product, but this ingredient usually is found to be used in conjunction with another ingredient.

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  • May successfully block carbs from being absorbed into the body.
  • May help you to lose weight it they are eaten before a starchy meal.
  • You may be able to cheat on your low carb diet if you use this product.


  • It is unclear if this is a complete list of ingredients.
  • Contains no appetite suppressants.
  • Does not appear to contain fat burners.


When you are looking for a supplement that you want to help you to lose weight, then you may want to consider taking one that you is backed by clinical studies and that is also patented to help you to burn fat and suppress your appetite instead of one that actually encourages you to cheat.

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