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Europharma Fat Control is a supplement that we believe was created with the purpose of assisting you with your weight loss. The manufacturer of this product is a company called Europharma. The company was created by a man named Terry Lemerond. It appears as though Terry Lemerond mayhave been in the nutritional supplement company for more than 40 years. It has been mentioned that this product is supposed to prevent the body from absorbing fat. In this review we will take a closer look at this product so that we may determine if this product may be effective in helping you to lose weight.


While we were researching this product, we were able to find only one disclosed active ingredient that may be contained in this product. The name of this ingredient is Lesser Galangal. This is derived from a plant that is native to Asia where it is said to be plentiful. This herb has been compared to ginger and similarities were found for their appearance and taste. This herb is often used in Thai dishes, and we rarely see it in the United States. However, there is the fat absorbing side of this product. We were provided with proof that this product may have the potential to work even better than the prescription containing Orlistat.

Product Features

EuroPharma Fat Control may be on to something good here. It is an over the counter weight loss supplement that has been compared to the fat absorbing prescription drug, Orlistat. It has been shown in studies that this product may indeed be able to help you to lose weight by absorbing the fat. To use this product, they recommend that it is taken with a low fat, healthy diet so that you may minimize the side effects. The side effects are usually brought on by consuming too much fat and calories during the course of your day. This could result in a diarrhea like symptoms. This is believed to be due to when the fat is blocked from absorbing into your system it all has to go somewhere, so more than likely that is where it will go, into your toilet.

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  • Appears to be an effective fat absorber.
  • You can find it in a store near you.
  • Recommends eating healthy.


  • A pricing list could not be located at this time.
  • Does not appear to contain an appetite suppressant.
  • Does not appear to contain a fat burner.


This fat absorbing product may have proven us wrong after all. At first it looks like it may not be very effective at all, then we see the evidence. However we believe that there may be a couple of things that could have been included in this product to make it even better. These things are fat burners and appetite suppressants. It has been proven that when people use a supplement that has fat burners and appetite suppressants put together then that is when they are most effective.

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