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What You Should Know

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EuroThin is a product of Gero Vita International, a company that sells diet supplements for a wide range of purposes. EuroThin claims to aid in weight loss by controlling appetite and states that the formula in this supplement has been used in Europe for the past 40 years. The product is sold on the Gero Vita website and through a number of online retailers. It should be noted that the original owner of Gero Vita, Almon Glenn Braswell had a long history of scandal, complaints, and trouble with the law. However, Braswell is no longer associated with the company and Gero Vita has toned down claims for their products.

We are pleased to see the recommendation for EuroThin is that it is used in tandem with a diet and exercise program. We always encourage consumers to look for products that make this recommendation, since this is by far the healthiest way to shed excess pounds. We are also pleased to see that Gero Vita provides a one-year money back guarantee and a complete ingredient list for their products. However, we wish that the company would have offered information about clinical studies or customer testimonials to support the claims of the product.

List of Ingredients

According to the Gero Vita website, the ingredients in EuroThin include niacin, vitamin B6, St. John’s Wort, magnesium, and garcinia. St. John’s Wort has been used to treat a variety of mental disorders, including depression. However, this ingredient can have harmful side effects for some users, so you should talk to your doctor before using any supplement with this ingredient. Garcinia has been proven to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels in the body but its effectiveness in terms of weight loss remains to be proven. In addition, some of these ingredients, such as magnesium, can cause side effects like diarrhea in some people.

Product Features

EuroThin sells on the Gero Vita website for about $30 for a 30-day supply at the time of this review. Savings are offered for purchasing the product in bulk as well.

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  • EuroThin is reasonably priced and readily available.
  • The ingredients included may have positive effects outside of weight loss.


  • There are no proven fat burners or appetite suppressants in the mix.
  • EuroThin does not provide clinical studies or customer testimonials to back its claims.
  • The history of Gero Vita and its original owner is somewhat questionable.


We like that Gero Vita offers the EuroThin product with a money back guarantee and provides discounts for bulk purchasing. We also like that the product is reasonably priced and readily available. However, we prefer to see companies provide customer testimonials and clinical research to back their claims. In addition, the ingredients listed for EuroThin do not appear to be the most potent for meeting weight loss goals. We would encourage consumers to look for proven ingredients for best results.

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