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Eurycoma is a naturally existing plant that may provide numerous benefits for the human body. It is a small tree that bears flowers and it is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. While the most common use of this product is as an aphrodisiac, there have been many other possible uses explored, one of them being weight loss. In this review we are going to take a closer look at the weight loss aspect of this diet and try and determine if it could be properly titled as a weight loss agent.


Euycoma is the only actual ingredient since the product is actually based on the ingredient itself. It may be hard for the common person to follow. This is because some of the areas of these claims have been studied while the others have not, and the same goes for the documentation. It is believed that the role that this ingredient may play in weight loss may have to do with it’s possible ability to reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a chemical that exists in the body that increases with psychological stress. This chemical, when produced in high levels, may cause the female body to gather fat around the belly, hips and waist. It also may increase your testosterone level, which will be explained later in this review.

Product Features

It is believed by some people in the weight loss industry that this product may have some relevance as a weight loss agent. Some of the functions that may fall into the list of what this products abilities are may be as follows: aphrodisiac, enhance energy levels, increase testosterone levels, provide and increased sense of well being, help increase muscle mass, and to increase your weight loss. We have already explained one way that we believe helps you to increase your chances of losing weight, now we will take a look at some more. One is that it may assist in balancing your testosterone. It is thought that by providing a healthy balance of testosterone that it may be possible to eliminate the sudden halt in their weight loss that some people seem to experience when they are dieting. It seems as though when the body’s cortisol level raises and the testosterone levels drop that in causes the dieter to hit a plateau and stop losing weight. However, it is believed that this product may be able to help maintain that healthy balance that is needed with the cortisol and the testosterone levels. If this can do this without any bad side effects, then it may be beneficial to the dieter.

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  • Easy to locate for purchasing.
  • May have multiple uses including weight gain.
  • May have a low retail price.


  • The results from scientific studies are not very clear.


While this product certainly does look very appealing, it has been noted that most people experience optimum results when they use a supplement that has been patented and has clinical proof to back up it’s effectiveness. Usually the most effective products seem to contain some appetite suppressants along with a fat burner that is recommended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

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