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Dieting isn’t just a matter of eating less or taking supplements: almost any physician will recommend a physical exercise routine as well. The Nautilus E718 Pro Series Elliptical is an advanced elliptical machine for work-outs. It matches the user’s stride, offers multiple workout settings, maintains a fitness diary, and is covered by a ten-year parts warranty.

Nautilus is an established company in exercise equipment. It has a good reputation and supply both home and commercial fitness products. Other brands produced by Nautilus include Schwinn, Bowflex, and StairMaster.

Elliptical trainers are a standard part of any gym. They mimic the motions of walking, running, biking, skiing, and stair-stepping with minimal impact. This allows for a good cardio work-out that does not present danger to knees or other joints.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable: this is equipment, not a supplement.

Product Features

The EV718 Pro Series is a very advanced piece of equipment. It boast a lengthy list of features: high-resolution touch-sensitive LCD display, 11 pre-set workouts, two custom programs, four heart rate control programs, My Nautilus Diary software for up to five users, Remote Operation Control (ROC) in the handles, 20 levels, 350-pound capacity, compact size, Eddy Current Plus resistance system, Poly-V belt drive for quiet operation, and automatic adjustment to the user’s stride length. With features like this, it’s easy to see why the EV718 Pro Series is a top-of-the-line elliptical machine.

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  • Exercise is a very important part of weight loss and many supplement or diets fail to emphasis physical activity enough.
  • The EV718 model was a high-end product from a reputable exercise equipment manufacturer.


  • Unfortunately, the EV718 Pro Series Elliptical is no longer in production. It can’t be ordered from the manufacturer or any large online retailer.
  • This was a very expensive machine when it was available. It would be a few thousand dollar investment.
  • Since this is only equipment, it doesn’t take advantage of any fat-burning supplement or thermogenic products.


The Nautilus EP718 was an excellent machine when it was available. Nautilus is a solid company and this was one of their top products. A similar machine today would be a good investment and addition to your weight loss program. Regular physical exercise plays a key role in weight loss and an elliptical machine is particularly helpful for people who want to protect their joints from impact damage.

Of course, equipment like the Nautilus EP 718 is a sizable investment. To get the most out of it, you should plan to follow healthy eating patterns and look into helpful supplements.

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