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This seems like a type of diet plan that may remind you a one of those stuffing envelope scams…I will explain that in a moment. It is said that this is a diet pill that is still in the research and development stage. It is said to be a product that was created by someone that goes by the name of John Mulikin. Have you ever heard the expression “too good to be true”? Well, if you haven’t then you may know the meaning of that phrase by the end of this review. Often we conduct these sorts of reviews so that we may possibly expose some scams and to also try to help you determine which diet plan and supplement is right for you. In this particular review, however, we are going to look at the evidence that has been presented to us so that we may determine exactly what this new product is all about.


At this time, it does not appear as if this John Mulikin person has thought that it was necessary to provide us with a list of ingredients. We often list the ingredients so that the potential consumer may see if there is anything in there that may cause certain drug interactions or allergic reactions. Since this one has none listed, then there may be no way of knowing if this experiment could cause harmful reactions for you.

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Okay, so this is where this “research study” begins to sound like a stuffing envelope scam. This is how the study works. John Mulikin wants you to first send him a $150 deposit for this mystery weight loss pill. Once you send your money to a Colorado P.O. Box, then he is supposed to send you a mystery weight loss pill supply along with a journal and a pen so that you can write down all your progress, or non-progress for that matter. After the study is completed and you run out of the pills, you are supposed to send your documented information back to John Mulikin and he is supposed to send you a $1000 compensation and your $150 deposit back.

We must ask, who is this person to be conducting a research to begin with? What kind of credentials does he have that makes him qualified to do such a thing? If you find them, let us know, because we were unable to find this information anywhere. In fact, the only information that we were able to find on this person is that he is a convicted felon that has been charged with theft on 4 separate accounts.

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First, we discover that you need a deposit to participate in a study. Then, we notice that there are no ingredients listed for this super secret pill. Then, we see that he is a convicted felon. I would like to note that you are never supposed to pay a deposit to participate in this type of study, they pay you. Then, you simply never send someone any money that is a known thief. If you do, then you may as well call him up yourself and ask him to steal your money.

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